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The Market at Santa Monica Place:

The new Santa Monica Place will house three artisan food shops as part of the rooftop dining deck, the leasing company Macerich recently announced. The shops are the latest addition to the shopping center that plans to open late this summer.

The company said the shops will feature independent and sustainable “food purveyors.” Michael Guerin, Macerich Assistant Vice President of Leasing, said the space is reminiscent of “a slice of the Ferry Building in San Francisco or a wedge of Chelsea Market in New York.” Macerich named the third-story food shops, The Market at Santa Monica Place.

“This is a different kind of venue for small, independently-owned shops that want to reach shoppers seven days a week,” Guerin said. “It speaks to the diversity and the breath of the market. With the retail offering we have already gathered, this is the icing on the cake.”

The first tenants announced for The Market are all independent, California-based companies. Guerin said The Market hopes to compliment the Farmer’s Markets already available in Santa Monica with more retail inspired and brand-oriented artisans. He said the goal is to give “the best of the best” an avenue, instead of replicate or displace what the city has to offer.

The Curious palate is the second location for a farm-to-table market and cafe on Venice Boulevard in Mar Vista. The King Road Cafe is coffee shop and house-roaster in Los Angeles. Also Coco-luxe Confections, which sells artisan chocolate creations from a boutique founded in San Francisco.

The company plans to bring together upscale dining with affordable fast food options. Touted as the major attraction for the new mall, the partial open-air deck will feature a mix of restaurant options. The deck boasts an enclosed food court, as well as an outside dining area, Macerich representatives announced last year.

The Market will open late in 2010 or early in 2011.

The company hopes to attract tourists, Angelinos and the elite of Santa Monica. SMP will to utilize the ocean view and proximity to the Third Street Promenade to keep an “urban beach” feel. Stores that will be featured in the mall are Nike, Burburry, Coach, Ed Hardy, and Michael Kors.

Macerich owns and operates 72 regional malls in the United States. The leasing company’s headquarters has operated out of Santa Monica for the last 30 years. The 550,000-square-foot Santa Monica Place is the latest remodel in a long list of acquisitions and leases for the company.

Macerich closed Santa Monica Place in January 2008 after receiving approval for the overhaul from the city and the California Costal Commission. The company planned for a remodeled shopping center was set to open in fall the following year, only to be met with multiple delays.

Bob Abtaker, Macerich’s Vice President of Development, announced in May 2009 that the delayed opening will coincide with the new Bloomingdale’s, the first of two anchor stores. Nordstrom, the other anchor store, will open in late 2010. The SMP doors are now set to open August 6.

The original Macy’s is being converted into Bloomingdale’s, which caused Macerich to “explore a different timeline for the project” in February 2009. The loss of Macy’s was deemed by their brand that Bloomingdales is a better fit, Guerin said. Macy’s,Inc. owns both brands.

“I think people just generally speaking for it to open and for the economy to recover,” Guerin said. “I think everybody’s looking for positive things to happen.”


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