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Alert: Police Blotter:


Wednesday, March 31, 4:30 p.m. Narcotics officers went to the 1100 block 12th Street in search of some drugs, and when they arrived they searched, courtesy of a warrant, and discovered half an ounce of rock cocaine (also known as 24-7, badrock, beat, chemical, crunch & munch, fat bags, grit, ball, ice cube, hard rock, nuggets, scrabble, snow coke, cloud, crumbs, devil drug, French fries, gravel, hotcakes, jelly beans. prime time, tornado, etc.). They also found a man there, and so arrested this 27-year-old for possession of said rock cocaine and took him to jail. Bail: $30,000. A second man was also arrested, for amongst other things, outstanding warrants. His bail was $86,075.

Drive Me To School!

Wednesday, March 31, 7:35 a.m. police were summoned to the intersection of 20th Street and Santa Monica Boulevard in order to meet a Big Blue Bus, the driver of which had reported a little trouble with a “passenger.” The passenger, a man, had boarded the bus at 17th Street and Santa Monica Boulevard and had requested that he be taken to UCLA, whereupon the driver of the bus had informed him that he didn’t go to UCLA on that route. This response was not agreeable to the man, so in the fashion that appears to be common amongst odd people these days, he began a tirade of abuse, and racial slurs, directed not only at the driver, but also at some of the passengers. This guy also refused to pay the fare (where to, the psyche ward?). The cops arrested this unreasonable 35-year-old gentleman and took him to jail. His bail was $500.00. An additional charge was added after this chap destroyed jail property, namely a mattress. Regarding his activity that day, one assumes that he slept on it.

Persistence Leads To Arrest

Thursday, April 1, 3:21 a.m. Officers responded to the 2500 block of Pico Boulevard in response to a “hot prowl” (entering a building when the residents are present). The victim had observed a man putting his arms through an open window in her living room, and had screamed, at which point the hot prowler appeared to have fled. The victim went to another room in order to call the cops. When she returned to the living room she saw the man coming through the window, this time with his head and shoulders fully through the window. Again she screamed, and then informed the hot prowler that she was on the phone with the cops. Again he appeared to leave. A short time later this persistent prowler again put his arm through her window, and again the woman screamed, and again the man fled. The cops arrived and found X-Box game set, a laptop computer and an X-Box controller in the area of this crime. Later, at 4:04 a.m., the cops received another hot prowl call in the 2500 block of 25th Street and went there to investigate. What had happened there was that a resident had discovered a man standing in his living room, and had said to the man, “who are you, and what are you doing?” Needless to say, this hot prowler had not answered the question directly, but had run away. A detailed description of the suspect was broadcast to officers and they located him at 23rd Street and Ocean Park Boulevard. After being identified by the two victims, the suspect was arrested and transported to the Santa Monica Police Department where he was booked. Bail: $50K


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