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Alert: Police Blotter:

Recycled Back To Jail.

Tuesday, April 8, 10:30 a.m. Officers were patrolling the 800 Block of 9th Street when they saw a man rummaging through some recycle trash bins. The officers approached and began to question this guy. They learned that he had an outstanding arrest warrant, so they arrested this 40-year-old homeless chap, for just that. His bail is $2,500.

Please, Take A Seat.

Thursday, April 8, 8:30 p.m. Officers went to the front desk of the police headquarters because a woman had showed up there. There was, however, another reason for them to go to the front desk, that being that this woman had told the cops that she had parked her vehicle in the parking structure at the 1400 block of 4th Street, and upon returning had discovered that her drivers door had been pried open, and one of the car seats was missing. The cops investigated, and discovered that a possible suspect was a valet from a location that the victim had visited the day before. The suspect was released, and no charges were filed.

Bottle, Neck, Tire, Iron.

Thursday, April 8, 12:30 p.m. Officers received a radio call to go at once to the Chevron station at the 400 block of Wilshire Boulevard. Upon arrival, they spoke to a witness, and this witness gave them the low-down on what had occurred. Apparently, a pair of people had been in the gas station and had been involved in a verbal altercation. One of these altercators had been holding a glass bottle by the neck in a threatening manner (threatening the bottle by the neck?), and then the other stated that he was going to go outside. He did and then removed a tire iron from his car (one assumes that he did not have a flat). The cops observed the guy yielding the tire iron, so they arrested this 58-year-old man for threatening to fight in public. Bail: $2,500.00.

I Have Nothing To Hide, Literally!

Friday, April 9, 9:37 p.m. Officers were performing their routine patrol of 9th Street and Grant when they spotted a vehicle with an expired registration. They stopped the vehicle, and investigated. The investigation exposed certain facts, namely that the driver, a 50 year old male, did not have a driver’s license, the vehicle was displaying fraudulent tags, the driver did not possess proof of insurance, he did not have any registration, and most of all, it appeared that he was not in possession of a sense of responsibility regarding the rules of the road. He was arrested for the above offences (omitting the latter, of course) and his bails is $20,000.00.


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