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G’Day To The Aussies; They Ate, They Drank, They Made Merry:

On one of those perfect, cool Santa Monica evenings, with a magnificent sunset illuminating the sky, and the Beach Boys’ Good Vibrations blaring through the sound system, 2,200 visiting Australians converged on the Santa Monica Pier to party in celebration of the 90th anniversary of Clipsal, Australia’s number one brand of electrical accessories company.

Angelo Russo, who worked with Misti Kerns, executive director of the Santa Monica Convention & Visitors Bureau, in coordinating this huge incentive trip for the employees and customers of Clipsal, said, “We considered other destinations, but because of its friendliness and lovely seaside hotels, Santa Monica came closest to replicating the feeling of Australia.” Russo added, “Everyone we dealt with was so accommodating, from the hotels to the pubs to the restaurants.” He continued, “There doesn’t seem to be much stress here and it’s a perfect stop over before we leave on our cruise to the Mexican Riviera.” Adding to Russo’s comments was Damien Cummins, executive general manager of Clipsal, who said, “Santa Monica is lay back like Australia and we love being here.”

Russo said that they had considered other sites such as the Kodak Theatre for their extravaganza, “But nothing compared to the character and history of the Santa Monica Pier.” Clipsal took over Pacific Park where all the rides and attractions were free and the partiers were treated to our eco-friendly Ferris wheel, with its kaleidoscope of dazzling colors illuminating the night sky.

So for one glorious night, thanks to negotiations that spanned two years, 2,200 happy Australians were housed in nine Santa Monica hotels and even checked out some of our famous watering holes such as Yankee Doodle’s, Ye Olde King’s Head, Cabo Cantina, and the Viceroy Hotel’s “Happy Hour,” which attracted over 100 party hearty Aussies who “hit the turps” (lots of drinking).


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