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Horoscopes: Laura Wilde, Mirror Contributing Writer

By Raven Nightwood, Mirror Astrologer


You feel sluggish in the brain. What a pain. You fear you might go insane. But it is plain that you are able to maintain. (You’ve been reading too much Dr. Seuss again).


Are you able to communicate? You’re trying to contact people but it’s difficult. Just wait and the lines will clear. Today your friends may seem to be 404 (not found) but tomorrow everyone will be back on the airwaves, over and out.


You and someone else have that thing called radar love. You each know what the other is doing. Don’t let it get too complicated. Turn off the radar for a short time each day and allow yourselves some private space.


High technology? Maybe the technology got high last night because you are struggling with gadgets and machines. That’s not your usual thing but it’s only temporary. If it persists, call in the repair squad.


Is your city still here? Your surroundings seem to keep changing. If the ground is moving under you, try to move with it. Leave behind what is truly crumbling and build a new and better environment for yourself.


You want to travel; you want to hit the road. This isn’t a good time for that. The next few days will be better for cocooning, cleaning the house, picking up things that have been dropped. Spring cleaning comes before springing forward.


You are getting organized! You feel the sudden urge to put everything in order and make the trains run on time. Don’t go overboard and channel your inner Felix Unger. Order and your sense of self can make an odd couple.


You have been living in your own reality TV show, which as we all know, is actually scripted and fixed. Although you did the scriptwriting, you didn’t give yourself the best lines. Fate sometimes is a better director and can lead you to an award season.


You are a true believer, in luck and in romance. But you need to combine your yearnings with some practical action to make your dreams come true. Sign up for a class in something that you have always wanted to learn, like screenwriting or scuba diving.


Be careful, very careful. Physical objects may be flying through the air and sticking out for you to bump into. Look both ways and avoid all unnecessary risks—just for this week. Get ready for an uninhibited good time later on.


Never put off until tomorrow the tasks you can get through today. A big weekend is coming for you but first, tie up the loose ends. You don’t want the unfinished business on your conscience. You’ll have more fun after you’ve worked hard.


Whatever you are doing this week, you are going to be hard-headed and inflexible about it. This can help you in some ways but hinder you in others. Strike a balance between your determination and your dogmatism. Every dogma has its day.

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