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Horoscopes: Laura Wilde, Mirror Contributing Writer

by Raven Nightwood, Mirror Astrologer


You may be worrying that your partner is annoyed with you. But you could be misinterpreting what might be tiredness or work worries. Soon you will have proof that you and your partner are happy together.


You tend to idealize your involvements, to gush over those you feel close to. This could be a turn-off if done to excess. Try to divert those extra feelings by expressing yourself in a creative mode, like writing a song.


Are you afraid to spend too much money? You’re not alone. But that shouldn’t keep you from spending time with those whose company you enjoy. Find activities that you and your favorite people can attend without much financial stress.


A co-worker may seem to be interested in you. This may or may not have potential, depending on how you feel. Study the situation carefully and take the steps necessary to either go forward with the interest if it’s there, or stay away if this is not your thing.


Work problems, or a business trip will separate you from family and friends this week. It won’t be permanent so don’t allow the situation to make you feel lonely. Pay attention to things of interest that will make your trip or task go faster and lead you back to your loved ones.


Big money is just around the corner! But you need to itemize your debts and decide what your spending priorities will be. Then, when the money comes, you will be prepared for spreading it around the right way.


While you are efficient, others in your life may not be. So you feel you are picking up after them and it annoys you that they can’t do things right. Whether this situation is at work or at home, don’t alienate people by expecting them to change overnight. Clean your own house first.


Hoping to take a trip? Now is not the time. If you go now, the road will be bumpy. Delays provide time to make arrangements for comfort. You’ll end up taking a much nicer road and the trip will be more rewarding if you wait.


Your planned romantic evening may have to be postponed. But don’t second-guess your partner’s motives for postponing. He or she will have a good reason. There will be other nights.


If you are waiting for someone new to enter your life, you may be building up expectations. Try to keep hope in your heart while keeping your eyes open for a real person.


Some close friend or family member needs you. A phone call or email will let you know how much. You may feel that this person is overwhelming you with their need. Tell them you want to talk about their problems, but you also need someone to hear yours.


You see too many zeroes on your financial ledger. Maybe you need to do the math or have someone help you. Your money situation is not as dire as it seems. Focus temporarily on something else and when you get back to your budget, the digits will look much better to you.

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