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Horoscopes: Laura Wilde, Mirror Contributing Writer

By Raven Nightwood, Mirror Astrologer


A party or other social event will be bringing you into contact with a new, interesting, even sexy person. You will be on Cloud Nine. If you are already involved however, the new person may have impact on you in some other way, possibly spiritual.


You are going to focus on one thing. Your power to concentrate is notable but don’t get too obsessed. Remember the people near and dear in your life and try to find a balance between your interest and your relationships.


Gemini means two and you and someone you know make a very good twosome. Your two-ness is only going to get more intense, as in marriage if you’re single or more activities together if you are with a partner.


You and your family need to discuss big changes for your household. Maybe you just need to buy new furniture or you need to reorganize the chore schedule. But something definitely needs to be rearranged. It’s spring cleaning time.


Your laptop or new iPad is calling you. Or maybe it’s an old-fashioned pen. For whatever reasons, you need to write something, maybe just an email or text to a friend. Writing down your thoughts will help you clarify them.


Tax time is here and you have hopefully filed by now. You should try to make a celebration out of the end of this money-tense time. Take your partner or best friend out to dinner at a fancy restaurant or go to a concert by a favorite music artist.


You are having very clear thoughts and someone close to you shares that ability right now. It’s a good time to settle in with this close person and talk about deep things, maybe plans for a future together. Insight sparkles like a diamond ring (hint, hint).


Money can’t buy you love. But it can buy you the chance to make your dreams come true. Why not use a small surplus that you currently have to indulge in a class or workshop. Learn how to harness your full creative potential.


Attending a group activity is going to pay off for you. It might bring a new work opportunity or it might mean a new relationship. It also could help you with family problems.


You are intrigued by the achievements of a famous creative person. Suddenly you want to know all about this person’s work and ideas, possibly to have the creativity rub off on you. This could be good for your own journey.


Someone from far away is trying to get in touch with you. You will want to reach out and bring this faraway person into your life. Geographic gaps can be filled in today’s communication friendly world. Friendship and love may be just a toggle away.


You may be about to undergo a change in your work status. Don’t get nervous; it will be a change for the better. It might not involve more money at first but there will be more creative ops and even prestige. Go with the flow.

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