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Horoscopes: Laura Wilde, Mirror Contributing Writer

by Raven Nightwood, Mirror Astrologer


Despite all the things you’re doing, your life is going to seem smoother than in a long time. Friends, family, partner, all may seem to be in agreement with you. Harmony is hard to get used to—but you should enjoy it while it lasts.


Something is going to come up at the last minute and it is a chance you are going to take. You will find that by jumping right into the pool, your life will brighten up considerably. But be sure you know how to swim when you dive in.


A change is coming for you in the career department. It could be a pay raise or a new assignment. Or it could be that you have been thinking about starting your own business. You will be taking baby steps toward that goal and may be asking advice from a close friend.


Too much work and not enough play! That’s been your mantra. In that case, seize the opportunity to play hard. Schedule a heavy date or a second honeymoon in a place where a passport is required but an agenda is not.


Someone close to you needs your help. Possibly it’s a family member, someone you’ve been taking for granted or not speaking to. Mend the tie and reach out. Pay it forward and the karma will come back to you.


You and high-tech are friends. The friendship is about to become more intense, as technology pays off big for you. You might be about to invent the next popular gadget. The work will be hard but gratifying.


Are you waiting for a message in a bottle—or through a Tweet? There is a certain message from a certain special someone that you are hoping for. Don’t obsess about it. Go about your life and the message will come to you.


While your own life feels good, spread the love to others. Those closest to you appreciate you and have been showing it, so give back and let them know how much you appreciate them.


You want what you want and others don’t always give you what you want. Don’t be stubborn about it. We all have our dreams. Reality is mundane yet sometimes reality gives its own rewards.


You want and need a personal savior. And you are going to be saved, but it will not necessarily be the doing of a fairy godmother. Your own strength and presence of mind will help you now if you believe in your best qualities.


Romance is in the spring air. It is also wrapped around you. Everyone you meet feels the openness coming from you. Be careful to guard this gift for the one you really want.


If you hope for support from your partner, give support. Your special person can sometimes get on your nerves with her/his needs while you think your own needs are paramount. Give and take is what you both need.

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