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Letters to the Editor:

Dear Editor,

As one of the 20 percent of the Santa Monica population that is a homeowner I am appalled that our City Council has found $25 million to spend on the civic center area, but can not find enough money to fund our schools. That we have to vote/enact a parcel tax on the 20 percent of the population to bear the burden of paying for teachers, arts in our elementary schools, nurses in our schools, etc. is unfair and wrong. I do not understand why, in times such as these, money can’t be reallocated to our number one priority. The civic center has looked the same for at least the past 30 years and now our City Council finds it important to make it a more pleasant place to lure even more tourists to our fair city in place of educating the children who live here. Don’t get me wrong: I would love to see a beautiful park for the civic center area, but I believe very strongly that at this point in time we must prioritize our needs. And the number one need is education and the city should bear the responsibility, not the 20 percent of our population.

Carol S. Siegle, Santa Monica

Dear Editor,

Thank you so much for your coverage of what is going on at our City Hall. It appears that Santa Monica has been turned over wholesale to the developers by the “city staff” (whoever these people are) with no consideration for the people who live here. Bobby Shriver, a relative newcomer, is the only one who seems interested in protecting ALL the citizens of the town, wealthy and poor alike.

Susan Anderson, Santa Monica

Dear Editor,

RE: Big Blue Bus Fare Increases

I have to wonder if the intent of the proposed increase in fares to the seniors and disabled of this community was meant to remove them from the Big Blue Bus.

The fact that the MTA is still a quarter during the times when seniors and disabled use it and that the dial a ride service is also cheaper makes me wonder the real intent.

And I see that students and SMC staff still ride BBB for free.

Jennifer Culbertson, West LA

Dear Editor,

RE: Measure A

Another new school tax for Santa Monica? First it was the temporary parcel tax that was renewed last year. Now it’s Measure A! Who is kidding who?

Residents of SM are taxed every few years because the School Board can’t manage the budget and that hurts our schools and kids. What will people say when the pensions can’t be funded? I know, let’s raise taxes again.

The folks behind raising our school taxes are always the same people and organizations. No wonder our beautiful City is clogged with traffic and over built. There is no sense of reality, city planning, or budget management. Our failure to plan and manage has damaged our city and our schools are next!

Steve Esbin, Santa Monica

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