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Horoscopes: Laura Wilde, Mirror Contributing Writer


The bumpy road you’ve been on lately gives way to a period in which your relationships with everyone—friends, family, romantic partners- will be as smooth as a blended frappe. You will even agree with their viewpoints, an interesting cherry atop the dessert.


A stranger enters your life, someone who doesn’t know anything about you. You can approach this person with a clean slate. On the other hand, you want and need to know more about Mystery Man or Woman. Give it some time.


Instead of doing the same old thing, you want to do-something different! That includes seeing different people. You may want to hang out with someone who takes risks and will lead you into unexpected areas.


Someone may say something that will bother you. Chances are that it was someone close to your heart, which can make you feel the irritation even more. But if it is from someone you love, it was probably meant constructively. Listen and take heed.


Lately you find yourself spending a lot of time outdoors, especially at festivals. So what? It’s the time of year for spring revels. Be a fool at the Renaissance Fair. You will have the last laugh.


It’s all about career for you right now. Success at work has never been so close at hand. You may be in for more money, but also a lot more work and responsibility. Others may envy you but take satisfaction in the knowledge that you earned your reward.


Your mind is functioning at the top level. Anything mental comes easily to you right now (including Sudoku puzzles!) Seriously, you should take advantage of this time to get a job or engage in social activities that will benefit from your heightened brain activity.


You feel very much at home in your home. Right now you are fixated on creating a love nest for you and your mate. That means a lot of shopping and fussing over coordinated “looks.” Don’t get too fussy. Just create a nice comfortable environment for the two of you.


Your want to show your partner that you respect and trust her/him. And you don’t want an argument to cloud the day. Healing and forgiving are where it’s at. You will do anything to keep the peace.


The solitude of your personality dominates for much of the week as you enjoy your privacy. But then there will come a longing for belonging and a need to tackle the problems that have kept you apart from the attention you deserve.


Last month was April Fool’s but you have a case of the May madness. Everything is giggles and fun. You will be thoroughly enjoying yourself and may have to control yourself to not play pranks. Instead, take someone you love to a funny new or old movie.


You will receive some interesting information. It could be financial, a prediction of the future, or a fact that can open doors for you. The person who delivers this news will also be of greater interest to you as time goes by.

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