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Horoscopes: Laura Wilde, Mirror Contributing Writer

by Raven Nightwood, Mirror Astrologer


Usually, you are no-nonsense in relationships. But something will get in your way this week-maybe an old photograph-which will have you feeling nostalgic and dreamy in a dangerous way. It’s up to your sensible side to either rescue yourself or give in.


Feeling a little fat in those pants? Maybe it’s time to lose the treats and move the feet. The important thing is to feel support from your mate or friends. Tell them you’re on a self-improvement kick and could use their good thoughts.


This is a week in which you will attract a lot of attention. You will have to do a balancing act to make sure that you only attract good attention and don’t make a fool of yourself. Enjoy the spotlight during your best moments.


It’s time to get away. Not from it all but from the usual routine. A brief trip, a weekend, can do wonders for your health and happiness, especially if you take someone special with you.


Try a little tenderness. Rather than showing all your love, be subtle. Do little things to please your partner, the things that are unexpected and ordinary. The rewards will be much larger than the gestures.


It’s a very social time for you, Virgo. Parties and also business-related events will bring you into contact with interesting and important people. This could open up opportunities for you and also bring you at least one new friend.


You are awakening from a dream-not necessarily a good dream. It’s time to get down to business. Hard work can be more fun than it seems. You are in a good place to improve your work habits.


Unlike Libra, you, Scorpio, have been working too hard. When you get home, you need to relax. You work all day to get money to buy your partner things and it would be good to hear him/her say: “Thanks.”


You have put out several messages and are waiting for answers: one if by land, two if by Twitter. It’s a slow time for the answers but have faith that they will come. In the meantime, enjoy the silence.


Someone you were involved with in the past is in your present and it may bring back painful memories. Don’t push this encounter into a difficult place. You want to take care of the present and all that the future may offer.


Machines are too much in our lives and too much on your mind. Turn off the juice and do something manually. Ride a bike instead of driving, play an instrument instead of the stereo or iPod. You will save energy and have fun.


All of your friends are going through deep changes and some of them are coming to you for help. You feel flattered by their recognition of your gifts but you also feel overwhelmed. Do the best you can but don’t chastise yourself if you are not the guru others want you to be.

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