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California Incline Replacement Project Update:

The City Council received an update on the status of the California Incline Bridge Replacement Project at their June 1 meeting. This project will replace the existing 750-foot bridge with a new bridge. The new bridge will be 6 feet wider than the current bridge and will contain a six-foot sidewalk and bike lanes on the west side of the bridge.

A new Draft EIR will be circulated in early this summer for the 45-day public comment period. After the comment period staff will provide responses to all the public comments received and the Final EIR will be presented to the Council for their review and certification in early 2011.

Funding for the project is being provided by Federal Highway Bridge Replacement and Rehabilitation Program (HBRR) and by the City of Santa Monica. The HBRR funding is administered by Caltrans.

Once the Final EIR is approved the city will obtain approval from Caltrans to begin the final design phase which will take approximately six months to complete. After the design phase the City must obtain authorization from Caltrans for construction and then the city will advertise for construction bids. The Council will then consider these bids.

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