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Letters to The Editor:

[Editor’s Note: In the last week, the Santa Monica Mirror editor has gotten a couple dozen letters regarding Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger’s proposed cut to California’s In-Home Care program (IHSS). Although many of these letters appear to have been prompted and forwarded by a concerned action party (based on similar message in all the e-mails, specifically the reference to the eggs), the messages are still worth noting. Below are some of the more pointed letters: ]

Dear Editor,

I’ve just heard that Gov. Schwarzenegger signed into law a bill requiring that all eggs sold in CA come from hens that don’t live in cramped conditions, like too-small cages…

This is a great and compassionate move by our governor and it will result in healthier chickens and a better quality of egg too, that helps the health of CA residents.

However, regarding the health and safety of our California seniors, we cannot stand by and watch the governor or state government slash the [IHSS] program that keeps seniors and the disabled alive and well. We need to show the same, if not more, compassion for these, the weakest social groups, by protecting their health.

I cared for my mother until her death through IHSS and my sister and her husband continue to care for their disabled daughter through IHSS. It will devastate my sister’s family and all the other families that save the state millions annually by using IHSS instead of putting their loved one in nursing homes. We gladly work for small wages to stay by the sides of our loved ones, while nursing homes cannot provide the quality or unlimited time caring for these older and disabled individuals.

It only makes sense to let family members and others to fill this void in the health care system by A) providing needed care, and simultaneously B) keeping people unemployed .

Margaret L. Morrison, Carpinteria

Dear Editor,

I am hope that [Gov. Schwarzenegger is] aware of the consequences that will be involved if [he] pursues cutting this vital program. It not only will leave us in a vulnerable position whereby we will have no help in maintaining the struggles to withstand what help we receive in home care, but vitally destroy the capabilities that which has left us conditionally dependent on these programs.

Without these programs there are no choices to relocate the many people who depend on home care.

Californians would be subjected to loneliness and the inability to care for themselves. These programs are an asset to California and in long term provide a savings to our State.

I hope [the governor] will continue to negotiate with federal officials to reconsider the value and quality of a human life.

Joyce Nicoletti, Santa Clarita

Dear Editor,

Gov. Schwarzenegger signed a bill into law requiring that all eggs sold in California come from hens that aren’t crammed into small cages.

At the same time, however, the governor still wants to make devastating budget cuts to California’s In-Home Care program (IHSS), the program that provides lifeline services to low-income seniors and disabled citizens.

I’m so sickened by our so-called leaders in our state attempting to take more from our weak and helpless. The governor cares more about chickens than he does about the poor, the disabled, the elderly, and our children. To take away any part of IHSS will not only take away the lifeline many of our citizens so desperately need, but it will cost the state more money in the long run. We are a state of people who protect the weak.

Duke Walker, La Mirada

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