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Tips for College Grads Entering the ‘Real World’:

You have finished college and received the long-awaited diploma. After going on interviews and sending out your resume, you landed a job. Congrats, college graduate. You are about to enter a whole new world. This new atmosphere can be intimidating at first, but tips and suggestions from experienced workers can help make the transition smoother.

Rhonda Sciortino, a career coach and employer, knows what it takes for a new worker to make a good impression in the work force. You have the book smarts, but now you need the ability to keep a job in the busy workplace environment. Here are some of Sciortino’s tips:

• Don’t trust everyone. Be careful of sharing intimate details to co-workers. You should first determine the office dynamics. Think before revealing personal facts at lunch or with co-workers at an after-work activity. Every office has the person known as the “snoop.” This worker will befriend new employees and share some of his or her personal information in order to get you to reveal some of your private details. The “snoop” isn’t afraid to share your private information with other co-workers and management.

• Avoid office gossip. Steer clear of being the busybody, comedian or matchmaker. You need to primarily concentrate on your work assignments. Yes, it is nice to build relationships with co-workers, but that shouldn’t be your number one priority.

• Prove your ability. You need to walk the walk instead of just talking the talk. Demonstrate your value and earn your worth. You shouldn’t expect admiration for doing your job correctly. If you are looking for a promotion, stand out by doing something exceptional to help the company – impress your boss and go beyond his or her expectations.

• Time is money. Avoid writing wordy e-mails and messages. With hundreds of e-mails sent daily, a verbose message may be deleted or ignored. You need to be concise and produce messages that are to the point. You aren’t receiving grades for long essays and presentations anymore. Be sure to communicate when you have an idea that could prove to be valuable.

• Maintain job safety. You have the opportunity to better secure your job position by trying your best and standing out. You want to be known as dependable and consistent when it comes to getting the work done. Be willing to try new roles and responsibilities.

• Show respect. Everyone you encounter in the workplace should be treated with respect, courtesy, and dignity. Don’t treat those lower in the company any different than those in upper management. Even if you aren’t aware, everyone notices your behaviors, gestures, and tone of voice. Try to smile and be friendly with all workers and clients.

• Keep bad attitudes out of the office. A good attitude is needed in order to be successful. A bad attitude may hinder you from promotions, higher pay, better jobs and beneficial relationships. Avoid being easily offended by people’s words and actions.

• Go above and beyond. Maintain a “personal record” by consistently searching for opportunities to perform your job faster and better. Be willing to learn more about your position, the company and its products and services.

Good luck to the new grads. Welcome to the world outside of the school bubble.

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