APB: Man Arrested For Stealing Shirt, Watch At Nordstrom’s: He Lost His Shirt

On Thursday, April 12, at 2:40 p.m., officers of the Santa Monica Police Department arrived at Nordstrom’s, located at 220 Broadway, in response to reports of a suspected thief. When the officers arrived at the scene they met with the loss prevention agents who told them what had occurred.

Apparently, a man had entered the store and had proceeded to the watch department from where he selected a watch. The man then went to the shirt department and selected a shirt that he seemed to like. This man then, under the watchful eye of the loss prevention agents, proceeded to one of the fitting rooms in the store and whilst he was in the fitting room the man removed the security sensor from the shirt.

He then left the store with the items and was apprehended outside by the loss prevention agents.

The officers took custody of this 24-year-old homeless man and he was taken to jail.

When he arrived at the jail the man was charged with a violation of probation, and stealing the shirt and the watch.

Bail was set at $10,000.