APB: Man Arrested On Domestic Violence, Petty Theft Charges:

(This is a police graphic
(This is a police graphic

Heartbreak Motel.

On Tuesday, April 17, at 11:00 a.m., officers of the Santa Monica Police Department went to the Palm Motel at 2020 14th Street to investigate a family disturbance. When the officers arrived they spoke with the resident manager of the motel and a resident there.

They told the officers that they had heard about six short screams from the woman, suggesting that these screams were vocalized by the woman as a result of her being hit by someone.

They added that the female was also yelling the words, “get away from me.”

The resident witness also said that he had seen this man and woman fighting over a baby stroller in front of their room. The stroller had, incidentally, contained an 11 month-old baby whilst these two were fighting over it.

The suspect had fled the scene prior to SMPD’s arrival.

The officers spoke with the woman and they noticed that she appeared to have a bite mark on the left side of her neck, as well as bruising to her left arm.

The officers looked around for this man but could not find him before taking the woman to the police headquarters and providing her with resources for emergency housing.

Officers found the man who had allegedly assaulted the woman the next day.

He was arrested and charged with domestic violence, petty theft, and an outstanding warrant.

The bail for this 28-year-old resident of Key West, Fla., was set at $50,000.