Homeless Man Accused of Assault With Deadly Weapon: APB: Paranoid?

On Wednesday, April 4, at 10:54 a.m. officers of the Santa Monica Police Department went to the area of Lincoln Boulevard and Marine Street in order to investigate a report of an assault with a deadly weapon that had just occurred.

When they arrived, the officers spoke with the victim who told them that he had been sitting on the ground in front of 3101 Lincoln Boulevard when the suspect approached him and accused of making derogatory statements.

The victim told the officers that he had done no such thing, and that he had conveyed this information to the suspect in his response to the suspect’s aforementioned accusations. The suspect reacted to this denial by removing a folding blade knife from his pants pocket, and then made several attempts so stab the victim.

The victim had managed to avoid being stabbed and had then pushed the suspect away. The suspect then started to walk away, and it was at that point he called police. The officers then searched for the suspect and found him about two blocks away.

The officers detained and arrested him after the victim made a positive identification. The officers searched the suspect and found him in possession a folding blade knife.

This 64-year-old homeless man was charged with assault with a deadly weapon, possession of a shopping cart, and several outstanding warrants.

His bail was set at $37,026.