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Soft-Serve Yoga Comes To Santa Monica:

By Les Ismore/Assembled Press

Realizing that many people find regular yoga too strenuous, a new facility in Santa Monica will teach a less-demanding fitness discipline known as “Soft-Serve Yoga.”

With many left out of the “yoga boom” because of its emphasis on fitness, Soft-Serve will feature exercises and workouts all performed while sitting in leather-clad Lazy Boy chairs with classic rock music playing.

An outgrowth of a program started by the NFL for viewers of weekend football, Soft-Serve yoga highlights minimal movement and focuses on stretching toward

goals, such as reaching for a pile of nachos placed just out of reach or a TV remote attached to a string that is tauntingly reeled in as class members struggle to change the workout room monitors to anything other than the “LifeTime” channel.

Hiram Bulkey, author of the Soft-Serve “bible”“You Need to Move or Something,” says that Soft-Serve yoga meets a nationwide demand for a workout program that

conforms to everyday life. “Yoga teaches people how to do something like the Cobra position,” Bulkey said. Well, when the hell are you going to use THAT? When you play a mermaid on TV? Soft-Serve addresses body parts you really use each day, like the middle-finger muscle often strained during freeway driving.”

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