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Why Is Lord Jagannatha Allowed In Santa Monica While Lord Jesus Is Not: Letter To The Editor:

Dear Editor,

(Re: The Festival of Chariots, Aug. 10 edition)

The Atheists of the Southland, together with the Santa Monica City Council, have finally succeeded in burying the entire Holy Family once looking over us at Christmas time from Pacific Palisades Park.

But where are the Atheists now, and where is the Santa Monica City Council?

Why, together, don’t they bury Lord Jagannatha, the Lord of the Universe — the same title Jesus Christ has?

Why is Lord Jagannatha allowed to live in this City and the Lord Jesus is not?

Why can the promoters and organizers of the Festival of the Chariots, the Hare Krishnas, “occupy” our public streets and claim that “we are connected … to a higher power whether you call him Jesus, Jehovah, Buddah, Allah.”

It seems that our Lord Jesus is back to stay.

He just moved from the Palisades to Main Street. Will the the Atheists of the Southland unite and drive Him out of the City again, along with his buddy, Lord Jagannatha?

Monika Bialas

Santa Monica

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