‘Naamathon’ To Webcast Live Around The World From Santa Monica Tonight:

Naam Yoga created a mass healing impact uniting more than 15
Naam Yoga created a mass healing impact uniting more than 15

Naam Yoga Los Angeles at 1231 4th Street in Santa Monica today celebrates the end of the Mayan calendar and the transition to a new era with peace through a free 14-hour continuous World Peace Prayer and Meditation Marathon being dubbed “Naamathon.”

The event will kick off at 7 p.m. PST and include a live webcast giving people worldwide unlimited access to the event, with a special appearance by Naam Yoga’s founder and international spiritual leader, Dr. Joseph Michael Levry.

The goal is to create the largest worldwide unified prayer and meditation gathering through the use of a live global webcast dedicated to peace, community and healing the planet through the power of prayer.

During the event through 9 a.m. Saturday, there will be reciting, chanting, and singing of authentic prayers and mantras from the major spiritual traditions of the east and west uniting millions.

It will be held at live from Santa Monica as part of Naam Yoga’s “Millennium Gateway” Celebration that runs Dec. 19-22, which is a four-day celebration event featuring daily specialty classes, lectures, live music, dancing, food, and meditation.

Special guests include world renowned author, minister, and founder of Agape International Spiritual Center, Rev. Michael Bernard Beckwith with live music by revered singer, song-writer, composer, and performer, Rickie BB.

Naam Yoga’s use of special mantra (sound current) has a unique and powerful healing impact and when multitudes of people come together the concentrated positive energy increases exponentially.

Naam Yoga created a mass healing impact uniting more than 15,000 people in peace last month on Nov. 25 for the world’s largest yoga “super class” of its kind, in Mexico City, led by, Dr. Levry.

“We came together to do something positive and good for the city, the country and planet,” Dr. Levry said. “We used the technology of Naam Yoga, we positively changed our molecular vibration, and raised the frequency of the city, country and the planet with the healing vibration of love, peace, and light.”

Tonight’s event coincides with the rare astronomical event, forecasted by the ancient Mayan thousands of years ago, when the Solar System completes a 26,000 year cycle and aligns itself with the galactic center of the Milky Way, said to represent a new age of love and compassion.

Organizers said this “Naamathon” provides an opportunity to bring about a true change in the world.

By broadcasting this event, Naam Yoga seeks to expand the effects of vibrating love in unity with people around the world to bring peace and healing to the planet.

Naam Yoga Los Angeles provides classes and community programs free of charge, addressing specific health challenges.

For more information or to view the free live webcast tonight, visit naamyoga.com/worldpeace.