Venice Art Crawl To Pay Tribute To Figtree’s Victoria Barcelona:

Victoria Barcelona
Victoria Barcelona

Each day we meet people who affect our lives. Sometimes we are touched by a simple gesture or words of support. Victoria Barcelona was that person for so many people. As the owner of Figtree’s Café she affected the Venice community on a daily basis with her kindness. Vicky created a warm and loving legacy.

On Aug. 26, Venice lost a kind and vibrant soul when Victoria Barcelona unexpectedly passed away. She left two grown children behind – Sophia and Matias.

The community is encouraged to celebrate the life of Victoria Barcelona this Thursday, Dec. 20 as part of the Venice Art Crawl.

Once again Figtree’s Café will participate in the events. Artists Nick Busco, Scott Tansy, and Peter Padmapuzzo Thompson will be featured.

Victoria and Jose Bunge purchased Figtree’s Café in 2006.

A fixture in Venice, the restaurant has been around for more than 30 years. Victoria loved running the café. As owner, she spent much of her time at Figtree’s Café and wanted it to be a part of the Venice Art Crawl.

Taking place every third Thursday, she met with the artists, curated the shows, and planned each event.

Her daughter Sophia said her mom put heart and effort into everything she did.

“She created an amazing, warm, and special environment,” Sophia said. “She had friends play live music every Friday at sunset in the summer, and friends and strangers alike would come to listen. We would always stay open way past our hours. We will continue to create and foster this sort of community at Figtree’s, encouraging art and music because it made her happy to do so. I am so grateful she was my mother.”

Victoria’s friend Wendy Kram said they first met seven years ago.

“Vicky was full of ease and natural grace with a generosity of spirit that was unmatched,” Kram said. “She was excited by creative and passionate people and provided encouragement, enthusiasm, and a platform to showcase their talents. Incredibly smart, capable, and kind, I miss her terribly but feel blessed that she was in my life. A gentle soul, she will live on forever in the lives of all those she touched.”

Kram said she was happy the Art Crawl would pay tribute to her friend who she describes as a “rare and beautiful individual.”

Victoria’s boyfriend Javier San Martin said all the people at Figtree’s Café adored her.

“She enjoyed welcoming people and floating between guests,” he said. “She exuded an aura of warmth, beauty and a love of life.”

The Venice Art Crawl on Dec. 20 will pay homage to Victoria for her unwavering support. Stop by and make a toast from 6 p.m. to 9 p.m. at Figtree’s Café, located at 429 Ocean Front Walk.

During an interview last year, Victoria remarked, “I love Venice. People are young and full of life here, no matter how old. And being close to the water is amazing. I see the ocean all day long. I am blessed.”

The Venice community was blessed to know her… she will be missed!

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