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Palisades Garden Walk Set To Be Renamed At Tuesday’s City Council Meeting:

Four months after Santa Monica City Council members renamed Town Square as “Ken Genser Square,” a decision is expected at Tuesday’s  Council meeting about the renaming of Palisades Garden Walk.

Town Square and Palisades Garden Walk were the temporary names given to the park areas that are currently under construction outside City Hall.

Council members decided to put off renaming Palisades Garden Walk on Oct. 2 last year as they did not like the proposed name “Santa Monica Commons.”

City staff sought community input with the full list of suggested names published below.

Which of these (if any) would you like to see as the park’s name?

Abraham Park

Angel’s Park

Arcadia Bandini Park

Arcadia Park (after Arcadia Bandini)

Arroyo Commons

Attention Park
Baker or Jones Park

Name after the senator or citizen that had the foresight to donate land for Palisades Park.

Ballona Park

Bandini Park

Bay City Park

Belmont Triangle Park

Big Wow Park

Bird’s Nest Park

Bliss Field by the Beach

Bluebird Park

Center of Wellbeing

Central Park

Central Park West

Chicken Park

Cho-Cho Park (Butterfly in Japanese)

City Hall Park

City Park

Civic Center Park

Civic Park

Del Mar Park

Discovery Park

Dolphin Park

Dolphin Tale

Douglas Park

Dream Weavers Park

Dry Creek Park

El Paraíso Terrenal (Heaven on Earth)

Elseildor Park

Endless Summer Garden

Esplanade Park

Family Park

Frank Schwengel Park

Fresh Air Park

Fun Park

Gabrieleno Park

Garden Park

Gardens at the Pier

Gateway Park

Harbor Park

Heritage Park

Holiday Park

Jewel of Santa Monica

Kecheek Park (The Tongva called Santa Monica “Kecheek”)

La Puerta Del Cielo (Heaven’s Gate)

Laurel Garden

Lincoln Park

Los Arroyos

Main Park

Main St Park

Memorial Park


Mira del Mar (Look at the Ocean)


Momajita Parque

Monica Park

Moomat Park

Ocean Bluff Park

Ocean Breeze Park

Ocean Park

Ocean View Park

Pacific Ocean View Park

Pacific Ocean View Park of Santa Monica

Pacific Park

Palisades Garden Park

Palisades Garden Walk

Paradise Park

Park at the Pier

Park for all

Park of Peace

Parque Bliss del Mar 

Parque del Mar Vista

Parque del Pueblo

Parque Mia

Peach Love

People’s Garden

People’s Park

Physis Park (Greek for Nature)

Pier Park

Pierce Park

Pioneer Park

Planetarium of Eden

Poseidon Park

Puebla del Sol Park (City of the Sun Park)

Puebla Park

Rainbow Park

Rancho Santa Monica

Rosabell Park

Salaria Park

Sandcastle Park

Santa Monica Central Gardens

Santa Monica Central Park

Santa Monica Civic Center Park

Santa Monica Civic Park

Santa Monica Common….no “S”

Santa Monica Garden of Eden Center

Santa Monica Garden Walk

Santa Monica Glades

Santa Monica Nature Walk

Santa Monica Ocean Park

Santa Monica Ocean View Park

Santa Monica Paradise Park

Santa Monica Sliders

Santa Monica View Park

Scrub Jay Park

Sea View Park

Seascape Park

Seaside Park

Shark Park

Slide Park

Spaceship Adventure Fun Park

St. Augustine Public Park

Sunny Park

Sunrise Horizon Community Park

Sunset Beach Park

Sunshine Park

The Beautiful Garden Park

The Big Green

The Big Green Park

The Edge

The Falls Park

The Garden Park

The Main Park

The Mecca

The New Bum Park

The New Life Park

The Shire

The Tongva Commons

Tongva Arroyo

Tongva Tribe Park

Vahedi Park

Village Park

Water World Park

Wonderful Waterfalls Park

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