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Santa Monica Is Bursting At The Seams With Development: Letter To The Editor:

Dear Editor,

I’ve lived in Santa Monica since 1951. It was a wonderful city, and my children look back with happy memories of the ’50s and ’60s here. 

Now, with so much “development,” Santa Monica is bursting at the seams. 

The acreage does not grow, but with one multi-unit residential building after another, and one huge business building after another, our city is just one enormous parking lot. 

Does anyone care that big apartment buildings with just a few parking spaces are adding more and more cars to our streets — even as the streets are accommodating fewer lanes for cars, and more lanes for bicycles? 

I no longer have to get to work each day, and I sympathize with those drivers crawling to work each morning at two miles an hour. 

Nothing to do but a few phone calls and a few texting messages! 

I’ve loved to live here, and now can enjoy living on a nice street in Sunset Park with many wonderful neighbors.  And I’m sorry that most of them, being a few decades younger than I am, will never know Santa Monica as I did — just a small beautiful city on the ocean with all the conveniences of a big city and none of the negatives. 

It’s still beautiful, and we still have the ocean!  Enjoy!

Eleanor Espensen

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