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Big Bear Mountain Slopes To Remain Open Into April:

Big Bear Mountain was hopping with fun this Easter weekend with some skiers and snowboarders taking to the slopes in holiday attire.

Just two weeks remain to enjoy the 2012/13 snow season at Bear Mountain (and its sister mountain Snow Summit), which will come to an end mid-April.

Clayton Shoemaker, Big Bear Mountain director of youth marketing and park development, said it wasn’t too late to enjoy the snow before it melts away.

“We had a lot of consistent storms with plenty of powder days this year,” Shoemaker said. “We still have a ton of snow. All of our runs are still open and both our half pipes are still open. We have great snow making conditions this year.”

Shoemaker said its slopes are able to stay open well into the year as it has one of the best snow making systems in the world.

“We can pump out 5500 to 7000 gallons of water a minute into snow and cover the mountain up pretty quick,” he said. “We get all of the water we need from Big Bear Lake. We have big pipes that run down to the lake, pump water up to our reservoirs, and we make plenty of snow from that.”

Bear Mountain and Snow Summit currently have a Spring Break Special that runs Monday through Friday through the end of the season. Students ages 13 and up who show their school I.D. at the ticket window will receive $20 off an all-day, dual mountain lift ticket.

For anyone who has never been to Big Bear Mountain, Shoemaker said this was the best time of the year to visit.

“It’s spring time, which is the best time to come up and have some fun,” he said. “If you want to teach someone how to ride, this is the most enjoyable time because the snow is soft and the sun is warm. It’s a good time to share the experience with someone, especially someone who has never experienced the snow before.”

For Shoemaker, who has worked at Big Bear Mountain since 2001, a trip to the snow in Southern California is the ultimate experience.

“Where else can you go surfing and snowboarding in the same day,” he said. “We have the highest skiable peak in Southern California – that’s Geronimo, which is 8800 feet. To me, the ultimate experience is paddling out into the surf in the morning then driving up here to spend the afternoon on the slopes. It’s that close and it’s that convenient – why not give it a go.”

Since the end of the season is near, there are plenty of great deals on accommodation as vacancy levels are low.

The closest lodging to Snow Summit Mountain Resort is Snow Summit Townhouse Rentals – just steps from the Snow Summit ski lifts and the free shuttle bus to Big Bear Mountain.

There are more than 40 townhouses available to suit everyone’s needs with options of up to four bedrooms.

Each contains a kitchen with fridge/freezer, oven, microwave, and dishwasher, which makes cooking meals a great option — there is a Vons supermarket just 1.5 miles away.

Guests can also walk to nearby cafes, restaurants, and fast-food outlets.

The property also has a recreation room with a pool table, free Wi-Fi, and two free gas grills in its adjoining courtyard that has outdoor seating.

Snow Summit Townhouse Rentals is located at 861 Thrush Drive, Big Bear Lake, CA 92315.

For rates and more information, visit

For more information on Big Bear Mountain, visit

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