Bring Out The Best In Your Boobs:

There are many ways to make your boobs look their best.
There are many ways to make your boobs look their best.

In our 20s they were perky. In our 30s they still looked pretty darned good. In our 40s, they started to sag – a little. Now in our 50s, we could use some help. Not to worry, ladies.

If you don’t have the money, time, and pain threshold to endure a breast lift, breast reduction, or breast augmentation, one simple way to feel immediately sexier, shapelier, and thinner is to wear a properly fitted bra.

Far too many women are walking around with cups that are too small or too big, and some even reveal back fat! Eeewww! 

This week, I did a little research on the topic and found several sources in LA that are masters at making your boobs look their best.  

First, here’s how to tell if your bra

doesn’t fit.  I found out mine does not.    

• The damn thing rides up in the back.

• You have deep red marks in your shoulders from the straps. (check.)

• Your underwire digs into your boobs at the side. (check.)

• Your boobs “spill out” at the top. (check.)

• Your cup needs to be stuffed.

• You want to rip it off at the end of the day, or sooner. (check.)

For busty gals exclusively, there’s a place called Jenette Bras.  Their motto is “The Alphabet Starts with a ‘D.’”

As the web site says: “Let’s face it – we have a knockout rack. And it they have to be managed. Stand up straight and rock that hourglass, honey!”  

Sounds like a fun place.  

There are two locations – one is in Hollywood, and one is in Pasadena.

For those who need or want a little extra, there’s The Little Bra Company in North Hollywood.

The Little Bra Company celebrates the fact that “good things do come in small packages.”

They claim that even the smallest A-cup can actually achieve a sexy cleavage!  

They specialize in hard to find sizes, like 28-A. Who wears a 28-A? Good lord!

And for the rest of us? There’s the Wizard of Bras.  

If you can’t find the perfect fit from 18,000 bra styles maybe you shouldn’t wear a bra at all!  

Founded in 1975, the store also does on-site alterations, and staff educate women about the fact that their boobs are not the same size and everyone has a slightly higher shoulder than the other.  

It’s located in Monrovia, a bit of a drive from the west side, but I think would drive at least 90 minutes to get a better looking rack!

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