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429 Residents Sign E-Petition Opposing Hines Project: Letter To The Editor:

Editor’s Note: Below is a letter sent to the Santa Monica City Council regarding an E-Petition that wants to stop the Bergamot Transit Village Development Project.

Dear City Council members,

Residocracy is an all-volunteer based non-profit organization which represents the voice of our Community Network of Residents in local government.

Residocracy.org was launched on January 7, 2014 and to date there are already over five hundred members in our Santa Monica Community Network of Residents.

Residocracy is committed to a fundamental philosophy that the Resident is the number one stakeholder in any decision that is made by our elected representatives.

At issue in front of you, on the evening of January 28, 2014, is the approval or denial of proposed Development Agreement 10DEV-002.

An electronic petition (E-Petition) was posted on www.residocracy.org regarding this project (https://www.residocracy.org/E-P-BTV-001.php). In two and one half weeks, four hundred and twenty nine members of Our Community Network of Residents have signed this E-Petition to ask you not to approve this development agreement as it is against resident interests.

Our E-Petition is an informal means of allowing you as a City Council member to gauge how your constituents want you to represent their interests on particular issues that are in front of you for your consideration.

While signing an E-Petition, our Community Network of Residents are also asked if they would be willing to sign and circulate a referendum petition on the particular issue should the Council’s decision on that issue differ from resident interests.

Additionally, members of the Community Network of Residents also pledge a certain number of signatures that they are willing to gather as official circulators of a referendum petition section should a referendum be initiated by Residocracy.org.

Our Community Network of Residents have thus far pledged to gather over 4,000 signatures in support of a referendum if Agenda Item 7A is approved.

It is the official position of Residocracy.org that should proposed Development Agreement 10DEV-002 be approved there is a high likelihood that a referendum petition will be successful.

Based on the input received from our Community Network of Residents, indications are that the approval of the Bergamot Transit Village Development Project at this time would have a severe and negative impact on the quality of lives for most Santa Monica Residents.

Our Community Network of Residents have spoken clearly and loudly and Residocracy.org is prepared to circulate a referendum petition should the project be approved at this time.

Please find attached a copy of the E·Petition posted on www.Residocracy.org regarding the proposed development agreement for the Bergamot Transit Village Development Project together with the supporting electronic signatures of our Community Network of Residents who have signed it thus far.


Armen Melkonians

Founder, Residocracy.org

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