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EIR For Hines Development Agreement Is Deficient: Letter To The Editor:

Dear Santa Monica City Council,

I am writing to you to call your attention to a major deficiency in the EIR for the proposed Hines Development Agreement.

The EIR fails to address the impact that unmitigated traffic will have on the response time of the fire department getting to medical emergencies, in North Central Santa Monica.

Given that one minute can be the difference between life and death, and that the traffic delays, caused by this specific development, are estimated to be a very large number of minutes, there is good reason to be concerned that the delays will result in the death of Santa Monica residents, unless there is major mitigation, such as the construction of a new fire station, and the hiring of additional fire fighters to operate it.

With lives at stake, the assurance of appropriate public safety mitigation should be a critical element for any development agreement with Hines.

I appreciate your taking the time to consider my concerns.


Jeff Segal

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