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Letter To The Editor: Santa Monicans – Disenfranchisement Anyone?:

Dear Editor,

Why would anyone vote to disenfranchise themselves? That’s what Santa Monica City Council and backers of Measure LC on the local ballot are asking voters to do.

In the inverse world of Measure LC, voters will vote to exclude themselves to any development decision on the Santa Monica airport, one of the last large open and low density areas in the City, measuring 227 acres, worth, probably, billions of dollars to developers.

Measure LC reads, in the fine print,  …….”without voter consent”… Any airport development decision would be left to the seven city councilors, not the voters.

A competing ballot Measure D, puts the future of Santa Monica airport firmly in the hands of voters to decide the future of the airport, either to keep open as an airport or to close. Measure D is democratic and leaves the airport decision to voters.

Measure LC backers are grasping at straws in place of solid facts in an attempt to close the airport and disenfranchise the voters of Santa Monica.

Yours truly,

Dave Hopkins

Ocean Park neighborhood

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