Magnitude 3.3 Earthquake Rattles Again In Baldwin Hills:

A magnitude 3.3 earthquake hit the Baldwin Hills at 10:06 a.m. today, according to an automated report from the Southern California Earthquake Center.

Persons as far east as Whittier told the USGS they felt it, and it was widely felt from Mulholland Drive south to Torrance, generally west of the Harbor (110) Freeway.

It was felt in in the City News Service newsroom in West Los Angeles as a slight thump.

Police at the nearby LAPD Southwest Station said they did not feel it.

Los Angeles firefighters were not in earthquake mode, a spokeswoman said.

A preliminary and automated report placed the epicenter two miles north of downtown Inglewood and three miles east of downtown Culver City.

It appeared the epicenter was the same as several recent quakes, near La Brea at Slauson avenues. This is according to preliminary, unverified data only.