Hulu To Sponsor Santa Monica’s Bike Sharing System ‘Breeze’:

One of the seven active bike stations part of Santa Monica’s new bike sharing program
One of the seven active bike stations part of Santa Monica’s new bike sharing program

The City of Santa Monica’s Breeze Bike Share program has landed a local sponsor with international recognition – Hulu, LLC. 

The premium streaming television service, which is home to top TV shows, hit movies and critically acclaimed original content, employs more than 500 employees in the city.

The sponsorship, approved Tuesday evening by the Santa Monica City Council, ensures that the City’s bike share system, operated by CycleHop, LLC and featuring Social Bicycles’ “smart bikes,” will be self-supporting between sponsorship income and anticipated user fee revenue.

Mayor Kevin McKeown is excited that the new partnership is long-term and local. 

“This sponsorship is a first for Santa Monica, and we are particularly pleased that a local company with the stature of Hulu has stepped up to support this important public amenity,” he said.  “Bike share has revolutionized mobility in every city in this country in which it has been implemented, and we are sure this will happen in Los Angeles, beginning with Santa Monica. Now is the perfect time, with the high priority Council has placed on improving mobility in our community. With its sponsorship, Hulu is supporting cleaner air, reduced congestion and active transportation to help community members live a healthier lifestyle.”

Hulu’s decision to sponsor Santa Monica reflects its hometown commitment, shared core values and support for bike share as a progressive program encouraging transit use and addressing environmental concerns.

“As a local company, we are dedicated to giving back to the community in ways that will help benefit the city for the long run. We’re excited to help locals, visitors and our team members commute throughout the city that Hulu calls home” said Jenny Wall, Senior Vice President of Marketing at Hulu.

Hulu’s logo, which happens to use the same green color as the Breeze bicycles, will be displayed on the bicycles’ baskets and skirt guards.

“The Council authorized staff to search for a sponsor last November, and we could not have found a better fit-a local, innovative and green company to partner with,” said Elizabeth Bar-El, Senior Planner and Breeze Bike Share launch manager.  “We can’t wait for the November 12th launch and to see our community riding these bikes.”