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Perfect Parenting? Santa Monica Workshop Explores What’s Possible:

With countless resources available on parenting in the modern age, many find themselves at their wits’ end in the quest to becoming the perfect parent. Educator Joleigh Sherwood is hoping to empower parents and allay their concerns on this issue in a free and interactive parenting workshop tomorrow in Santa Monica.

The intention of the workshop is to enable parents to feel confident in their choices, and to acknowledge that there is no one-size-fits-all formula to being a good parent, Sherwood explained.

“A lot of parents just want validation that they are doing it right,” she said. “They’re worried that there is some right way to do it and they want to make sure that they’re doing it that way.”

In reality, there is no “right way,” Sherwood added, it depends on the individual family, and what is important to them in raising children. While there are appropriate parenting behaviors, there is no “right and wrong, or one, two or three perfect solutions,” she said.

Sherwood’s workshop, “Parenting: What’s Possible,” has been designed as a guided conversation that addresses the topics that attendees want to talk about.

“In our nurturing and supportive environment, you will [be able to] get related to your peers, ask questions and get answers, and share your hopes and desires as well as your concerns,” Sherwood explained.

“We learn a lot of things in school about how we do the things in life, but parenting isn’t one of the things that we learn,” Sherwood said.

“People feel like they’re just supposed to know what they should do when it comes to parenting, and they don’t necessarily feel comfortable asking for help,” she added.

“Parenting: What’s Possible” is aimed at helping to create people’s futures as parents. Designed for singles and couples from preconception to new parents, the workshop is open to everyone, including grandparents, foster parents, and anyone in a parenting role, or considering becoming one.

“The intention behind the workshop is that parents can share with each other,” Sherwood explained. “They can learn how to get support from their peers, and share with people going through the same things that they are.”

It will be a great forum to discuss what parents, and potential parents, are excited about, what they are afraid of and also ask questions and discuss answers, Sherwood added.

Working with children and families for the past 15 years, Sherwood has a Masters in Human/Child Development and has been helping parents on their journeys since she was a young adult.

The workshop takes place tomorrow, January 30 from 3-5pm at Books and Cookies, 2309 Main Street, Santa Monica. Space is limited so RSVP to reserve your spot: 424.645.7023 or

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