How to Deal with Traffic in Los Angeles:

Driving in LA
Driving in LA

Driving in Los Angeles could be difficult to manage and stressful at times. A recent study of social media hashtags revealed that Los Angeles tops the nation with road rage related-posts.* This study doesn’t necessarily mean road rage incidents in Los Angeles are on the rise, but it means Angelenos are more willing to share their frustrations on social media.

In light of what we all experience on our highways and freeways, here are 5 helpful tips to ease the stress of being stuck in traffic and possibly being faced with road rage.

-Don’t take it personally.

-Remain calm, ask yourself is this worth it?

-Keep your mind focused on everyone’s safety.

-Don’t fall into their trap.

-Call 9-1-1

The California Highway Patrol wants to remind you to not hesitate to meditate. Your safety is important to us and precious to your loved ones as well.