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OpEd: Voting Day for the Presidential Primary Election is Tuesday, June 7.:

Voting Day for the Presidential Primary Election is Tuesday, June 7. Santa Monicans are talking about the upcoming event. Really they are talking about the issues impacting us and the world: what is the future of our health care, education, immigration, human rights, international rights, women’s rights, worker’s rights, can we put an end to terrorism, the place of the United States around the world, civil rights, safety, violence of all kinds, and who is the most qualified, in all ways, to be able to do the best job of being our president.

This column gives voice to Santa Monicans, well known for their contributions to their neighborhoods and to the City. People supporting the Clinton, Sanders and Trump have answered the question: “Who do want to be the next president of the United States and why?” The hope is that that their answers will help forward the discussion in Santa Monica.

Sheila Kuehl

Los Angeles County Supervisor

I’m so passionate about electing Hillary Clinton. I know her, and I know her historic Presidency will make a huge difference in the lives of women, families, working people and children. She is vastly experienced, compassionate, and deeply grounded in all the areas that make a difference in American lives: from the economy to the environment, from work to family. This is a critical presidential election and we need Hillary in the Oval Office.

Jim Conn

Founding Minister of the Church in Ocean Park and former Santa Monica Council Member and Mayor

I support Bernie because this is the only time in my life I’ll ever be able to vote for a democratic socialist. I been following Bernie since the 70s because what he was trying do in Vermont, I was trying to do in Santa Monica.

Cristyne Lawson

Former Dean at California Institute of Arts

Hillary Clinton is the only viable candidate as far as I can see. She’s the only person who has the insight and experience to solve the problems of our Country and to represent the US abroad. It’s not about who you like it’s about who would be able to take on the task of the job of President of the United States. As I see it the other two candidates are the same person at opposite ends of a teeter-totter.

Bob Holbrook

Former Council Member and Mayor

I plan to vote for Hillary Clinton. Trump’s the opposite of any politician I ever worked with. I can’t imagine Mr. Trump as our president. Hillary has the broadest experience. She knows how to handle tough issues. She has made some mistakes in her many years of political life but it’s hard to find a politician who hasn’t made mistakes. I know I did. I hope voters will listen to all the candidates and make their decision for the person they think will best represent America.

Polly Benson Brown

Past President of the Santa Monica Republic Women’s Federation

Speaking only for myself, I’m waiting for the Republican Convention to make my decision about the person I will support.

Jason Islas


I support Hillary because governing is hard. One thing that I really appreciate about her is that, although she isn’t as good as I’d like at expressing herself in political slogans, she is very good at expressing herself in the act of politics. I respect the fact that she has been able to make decisions in the face of hard choices. The landscape of America has not been open to a woman president previously. I hope we are ready now. She’s more than ready for the most difficult job of being the President of United States.

Douglas Brown

Engineer and owner of Brown Marine Engineers

“At first I supported Trump because he threatened to infuse a little backbone into the Republican Party. I moved to Cruz because he seemed more government knowledgeable. He dropped out and so now I’m supporting Trump again. Trump is the only one opposing Sanders, the admitted socialist and Hillary Clinton, the closet socialist.”

Patricia Hoffman

Co-Chair of SMRR (Santa Monicans for Renter’s Rights)

Bernie is my choice. I think Bernie Sanders is taking bold positions about real issues that impact the lives of millions of everyday Americans.

Gene Oppenheim

Family Physician

Bernie basically is expressing the democratic wing of the Democratic Party and the issues the Democratic Party should have been pushing for 30 years: income inequality, the working poor, Medicare for all health care. Finally admitting and addressing a whole racial issue that has been ignored.

Paul Cummins

Educator, Founder of Crossroads and New Roads Schools

I’m voting for Hillary Clinton. I believe it’s time for America to have a woman president. We couldn’t find a more capable, wise and experienced person. She’s by far the best choice of anyone running.

I say, listen to everyone, read everything. Get your questions answered. Make your best decision and then VOTE.

What Say You?

*Note: So many good, knowledgeable, interesting people live in Santa Monica. If you’d like to share your thoughts about the election please post them in the post section below this column and/or email me at susan@smmirror.com

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