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Defender of People’s Rights:

By Sam Skopp

Since 2003, the Law Offices of Arash Hashemi has defended the rights of Los Angeles residents facing criminal prosecution. As a criminal defense lawyer, Arash Hashemi handles all misdemeanor and felony cases, such as those involving drug crimes, sex crimes, domestic violence, DUIs, fraud, petty theft, traffic tickets, and more. He also represents people in civil and criminal restraining order hearings.

“When it comes to serious crime [criminal defense attorneys] have to deal with acts that people do that the public find apprehensible. Basically, we’re the last defense someone has when the government is accusing them of a crime,” said Arash Hashemi.

To anybody facing criminal prosecution, Arash Hashemi recommends contacting his offices as soon as possible in order to secure an end result with the least amount of severity possible. By getting in contact with the proper authorities before charges are filed, it’s possible for Arash Hashemi to become involved in the investigation which may ultimately result in the police not filing any charges.

“Some people wait until they’re arrested or the day they have their first court date to contact a criminal attorney. There’s nothing wrong with that, however, the sooner you contact a criminal attorney, the sooner we can get involved,” said Hashemi.

As a child, Arash Hashemi wanted to play in the NBA, until he was told by a family doctor that his propensity for arguing would make him a good attorney. He never looked back. Outside of his own practice, Hashemi volunteers at the Mesereau Free Legal Clinic in Inglewood, which provides pro bono services and legal counsel to disadvantaged Los Angeles residents.

The Law Offices of Arash Hashemi’s services cover everything from low-level misdemeanors to serious felonies. In a recent verdict, Hashemi’s representation led to a charge of Transportation of Marijuana being dismissed on the condition of completion of a court-administered drug program. In another recent case, a 25-years-to-life sentence was reduced to a six-year prison sentence.

“I also represent university students who are facing disciplinary action at their school for violating the student policy or code of conduct. Some examples are students who are accused of cheating and are facing suspension or expulsion. I help them prepare for the hearing and if permitted per university policy I appear with them at the hearing,” said Hashemi.

For contact info and a full list of the types of cases covered by the Law Offices of Arash Hashemi, visit hashemilaw.com. 

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