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Developer Camp Partners with Wake UP! TV to Promote Women in Tech:

Girls and women, men and boys gather next month for a maker event, full of coding and tinkering, to explore the future of diversity in the technology industry. The goal is to inspire viewers of the nationally broadcast tv talk show Wake Up!, to pursue careers along the path of engineering and science. A showcase of ideas follows 48 hours of collaboration and cooperation using free tools. Partners like Google, PullString, Inc, and lululemon athletica will provide prizes and opportunities to outstanding participants. 

Developer Camp brings Silicon Valley’s oldest and most successful “hackathons” to a new level of diversity and inclusion. Activities are modeled after the popular event iPhoneDevCamp, which contributed founding moments to companies and products like Square, Temple Run, OAuth, and TestFlight. Award-winners have gone on to sell their ideas to Apple, Google, Facebook, Oracle, and other major tech companies.

“Wake UP! TV promotes being healthy, wealthy, and wise,” says conference organizer Adryenn Ashley. “I believe a friendly competition of ideas will inspire all the ladies to consider themselves a little smarter and more daring. Some of the apps and products that have come from Developer Camp are astounding. I cannot wait to see what ideas and frontiers people discover. In the end, we will all be much wiser to the possibilities of women in technology and leadership.”

“Our organization’s goal is to represent and support the broadest possible range of participants and award-winners,” explains Developer Camp co-founder and director Dom Sagolla. “We are excited to bring mentors and skilled coders from a decade’s worth of events to help a new group of entrepreneurs over a fun weekend of collaboration. Camp co-founder whurley recently announced the Equals campaign in partnership with the UN and the ITU. Next month’s event will be the first implementation of their vision, which we share: equal opportunity and compensation for 

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