Per Bernal’s Fine Art Photography Exhibit:

Per Bernal art gallery
Per Bernal art gallery

Sur le Mur is presenting the much anticipated premiere opening of Per Bernal’s Fine Art Photography Studio in Los Angeles.

“Per Bernal is a world class photographer praised for his talents in capturing the strength and excellence of the human body, thus has garnered the nickname; "The Annie Leibovitz of the Fitness World.” This exhibition, aptly titled “Oh Shoot,” is an eclectic evening featuring photography, graffiti, street, and fine art. There will be new works featured by Per Bernal and RISK.

Dolph Lundgren will be unveiling his portrait, an incredible collaboration by Per and Risk. Get your vote on! Come view some politically correct art, in time for the election, including the “Trump Wall,” featured on CNN and BBC, by Plastic Jesus and famous portraits by the late Pop Artist, Steve Kaufman,” said Megan Phillips, the Founder of Sur le Mur. Phillips represents Bernal and other acclaimed artists in addition to offering art advisory and acquisitions, curating, and custom work.

“I have been a photographer for over 30 years and have shot close to 1000 fitness covers, which have been published worldwide. The opening of my US studio is a dream come true, for me, and I now feel the freedom to explore my fine art photography, including celebrity portraiture. I find it very inspiring to work with other artists and I want my studio to be an artists’ colony, where creative minds and creative ideas can meet and merge together. Working with Megan Phillips, of Sur Le Mur, has given me tremendous momentum and she has encouraged me to expand my art and to take it to an entirely new level,” said Per Bernal. 

“It is an honor and a gift to join forces with world-renowned health & fitness photographer Per Bernal, and his international art manager Megan Phillips of Sur le Mur. Per Bernal is a lovely man, yet a powerfully driven artiste, focused on further experimentation to culture HIS expansion of creative vision. Congratulations, Per on your opening of the ‘Per Bernal Fine Art Photography Studio’ in Los Angeles, CA! Thank you for your generosity to Artists For Trauma (AFT) and for your heart eye with forward vision to respectfully photograph these selected AFT models in the context of inclusivity to the diverse world versions of health and fitness. Your test photographs clearly represent that trauma survivors are healthy, fun, cool, hip, athletic and sexy too!” said Laura Sharpe, CEO and Founder of Artists For Trauma.

Attendees will view photography and artworks by Per Bernal and his renowned peers who are a true Who’s Who’s of the art world such as Kelly Risk Graval, Alexandra Grant, Lincoln Townley, Billy Morrison, Plastic Jesus, HRH Prince Lorenzo de Medici, Steve Kaufman, Geoff Melville, Glenn David, Unfukyourself and Black Brain.

This event is sponsored by Sur le Mur, Per Bernal, Artists For Trauma and Coco Taps by Vincent Zaldivar aka "CocoVinny."