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Alert Police Blotter-February 23, 2017

By Tim Broughton

I’ll Be Back

On Saturday, February 11, at 4:57 a.m. officers of the Santa Monica

Police Department were called out to the 900 block of Fifth Street in

order to investigate a report of a vehicle burglary in progress. As the

officers were en route to the location they were told by dispatch that

the suspect had been last seen exiting the victim’s vehicle and

fleeing the scene. The officers also learned that the victim had earlier

heard a sound coming from outside and looked out of a window,

spotting the suspect inside the rear of the victim’s car. The victim

had activated the car alarm by way of a button installed on the key

fob, and it was this noise that had urged the suspect run away. The

victim’s spouse had then inspected the car in order to see if any

property had been stolen and discovered that one of the car’s

windows had been smashed. The officers arrived at the scene and,

somewhat strangely, the suspect returned to the scene a few

moments later. The suspect then admitted to the police to have

smashed the car window. The officers took this 22-year- old Santa

Monica Resident into custody and he was charged with vehicle

tampering and vandalism. He was released after being issued with a


He Broke The Code.

On Sunday, February 12, at 3:00 p.m. officers of the Santa Monica

Police Department were on routine patrol in the area of the 1200

block of Alley Number Four when they spotted a man rummaging

through, and removing recyclable items from a Santa Monica City

Recycling Container. The officers, being mindful that such an act is

in contravention of Santa Monica Municipal Code Number 5.08.320,

stopped this individual in order to issue him with a citation for the

crime. The officers interviewed this man in order to obtain some

information required to issue the citation and in doing so discovered

(via their police technology) that this man had an outstanding

$50,000 for his arrest. This man was immediately placed into

handcuffs and taken to jail where he was later charged with the

outstanding warrant as well as theft of recyclables. Bail for this 57-

year-old homeless man was set at $50,500.

Fruitless Attempt At Apple Store.

On Tuesday, February 14, at 12:41 p.m. officers of the Santa Monica

Police Department responded to a radio call informing them that

staff at The Apple Store, located at 1415 Third Street Promenade,

were detaining a man suspected of attempting to steal goods to the

value of $199.95. The officers rushed to the scene and were met by

the Apple Store Loss Prevention team. The Loss Prevention Team

members told the officers that this suspect had entered the store and

attracted their attention because he was carrying an unfeasibly large

number of shopping bags in addition to having numerous items of

clothing draped over his body. The Loss Prevention Team Members

said that this man was seen to walk around the store and put items of

merchandise into the shopping bags before exiting the store without

paying for said goods. The Loss Prevention Team had at that point

sprung into action and apprehended the suspect before returning

with him to the store. The merchandise was the recovered from the

shopping bags and the police summoned. The officers arrested this

26-year- old Santa Monica resident and he was charged with theft.

Bail was set at $500.

Exchange For Nothing.

On Thursday, February 16, at 2:20 p.m. officers of the Santa Monica

Police Department were summoned to attend the Armani Exchange

clothing store, located at 1322 Third Street Promenade, in order to

investigate a report of theft that had just occurred. When the officers

arrived at Armani Exchange they spoke with the staff who said that

the suspect had exited the store but had been seen entering another

store nearby, so equipped with a detailed description of the suspect

the officers went to that store. The officers immediately found the

suspect and marched him back to Armani Exchange to question him.

The officers determined that this man had been seen by another

customer to have placed merchandise into his backpack and exit the

store without paying for the merchandise. The customer had

informed staff members of this and the staff members had spotted

the suspect entering the adjacent store. The officers reviewed the

CCTV footage and saw for themselves that this man had indeed

taken some clothing from the store and concealed it inside his

backpack. The suspect was searched and the merchandise, valued at

$448 was recovered. This 49-year- old homeless man was arrested

and charged with shoplifting from Armani Exchange. Bail was set at


Santa Monica police established a surveillance position on Friday

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