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Family and Business is a Costly Mix

By Ron Wynn


No one wants to hurt a family member’s feelings, which can mean avoiding necessary but tough conversations. It is always easier to deal with someone not related to you because you can tell them what you think and not worry about hurting their feelings.

Real Estate Agent Checklist

Your real estate agent should have certain qualities … and “family member” is not on the list. Your agent should be a top performer – high-octane and high-energy, with the experience and drive to find the right home for you.

Most of all, you should feel comfortable working with your agent. You should feel free to express your opinions and expectations for their work. Your agent should understand that the final decisions rest with you, and their job is to give you all the information you need to make those decisions.

Find the Right Agent for You

So is your family member this kind of agent? Possibly. But you won’t know until you’ve started working with them, right? What happens if they aren’t the agent you thought they were? Could you fire them? Could you face them over Thanksgiving dinner if you did?

In the end, it’s not worth the risk of ruining your relationship. There are many ways to choose a good real estate agent. Don’t let guilt or a commission reduction distract you from good common sense.


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