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It’s Tax Time!

By Sam Skopp

Samuel B. Moses CPA has been a Santa Mon-
ica-based accountant for the past 25 years, han-
dling taxes and accounting for a customer base

as diverse as the wide variety of residents that

make up the Santa Monica community.

“I’ve always been within a couple blocks of

the promenade,” said Moses, who has been lo-
cated at his current office at 100 Wilshire Blvd.

Suite 1800 for the past 14 years.

Throughout his career as a local accountant,

Moses has seen a steady influx of new business

owners making up his clientele. Nowadays,

many of these businesses are computer or IT-
based, following the prevalence of tech startups

in “Silicon Beach” and elsewhere on the West-
side. However, Moses ultimately handles taxes

and accounting services for a broad range of lo-
cal clients.

“A lot of small businesses. A lot of profession-
als. A lot of entertainers. And a fair bit of foreign

taxes,” said Moses, about who exactly makes up

his customer base. “And then just regular people.

90 percent of the people I see would fall under


For all of his clients, rather than focus solely

on getting their taxes done, Moses prefers to help

them with the totality of what they’re trying to

accomplish, looking at their goals and contribut-
ing to their success. In the past, some of Moses’s

clients have asked for help on setting up a com-
pany, finding an attorney, getting a mortgage and

even finding a doctor.

“I like to talk to people, find out what’s go-
ing on with them, and how to help them. A lot

of people say the way I work with them is some-
where between a life coach and a business man-
ager,” said Moses. “I try to get your whole life in

order, rather than just help with

your taxes.”

Furthermore, as an accoun-
tant, Moses is results-based. If

a client has a specific need, he’s

committed to finding a path to

reaching their ultimate end goal,

whether it’s straightforward or

takes some creativity.

“In general with clients I don’t

like to tell someone you can’t do

it. I try to find a way to make it

possible,” Moses said. “If you

can’t do A, maybe B or C or a

combination will get you the

same result. Sometimes you can’t make it hap-
pen, but many times there are workarounds.”

Moses frequently handles back taxes as well,

meaning previous years’ taxes that a client may

not have filed for one reason or another. In the

case of back taxes, refunds can only be received

within the past three years, but

debt from unfiled taxes adds up

forever, so Moses recommends

filing any outstanding back taxes

sooner rather than later.

“If you delay the filing, you’re

looking at extra interest, penal-
ties and anxiety!” Moses said.

“I see lots of back taxes. Some-
times one a day. It is surprising

how people just don’t get around

to filing.”

For more information about

filing your taxes with Sam-
uel Moses, contact him at

310.395.9922 or smosescpa@aol.com, or visit

his office on Wilshire Blvd. at Ocean Avenue.


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