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Good Taste- 141 Reasons to Meditate

By Barbara Bishop


Did you know that there are 141 benefits one can derive from meditation?

I won’t list them all, but many apply to me, and will apply to many others.

According to the EOC Institute (www.EOCInstitute.org) the benefits of meditation are categorized into four areas: physical, mental, spiritual and emotional. Top benefits that resonate with me are slower aging, better sleep, weight loss, pain relief, increased libido, look younger, heal faster, strengthen immunity, the list could go on. How many is that so far, eight?

I’m thrilled to know that you don’t have to run a Marathon, bike a Century (100 miles) or work out in the gym two hours a day, five times a week. Don’t get more wrong; I highly respect those that enjoy these activities. Unfortunately, it’s not me.

I’ve been researching other methods of exercise that can help me reach my particular goals without injury or pain. And meditation is one of them.

Recently, meditation has finally been recognized as a “real workout.” There are now several local studios that are devoted to only to meditation classes. And, there are many ways to meditate. One Brentwood studio has a selection of classes online to do in the comfort of your home, as well as in a relaxing studio with a group of like-minded folk.

There’s a basic meditation class that goes for 45 minutes, and a 30-minute class for those on the go. Beyond the basic class, there are guided visualization classes, healing classes, a class for teens, a class for tots, and the Saturday Night Sound Bath, where participants experience the sounds and vibrations of a crystal quartz bowl, Tibetan sound bowls and gongs, combined with the soothing voice of the instructor. Sounds like a fun date night thing to do!

The online classes sound very cool as well. You choose what you want to meditate about, like find your purpose, set intentions, delete stress, improve focus, relax, feel gratitude, rejuvenate, energize, recharge, minimize pain, find happiness and other beneficial choices.

Next you choose the kind of teacher you want, who specializes in the type of meditation you want to do. At the Brentwood studio, there are more than 30 to choose from. Choose a man or a woman, various ethnicities and a wide range of ages. Next you set the time period you want to meditate for. Choices are under five minutes to over 30 minutes.

I’ll think I’ll start at home, with a 10-minute time period, with a teacher that specializes in creating energy, focus and weight loss. May the force be with us!

Senior women sitting on exercise mat and meditating

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