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Alert Police Blotter: 3/31-4/7

By Tim Broughton

Tooled Up.

On Friday, March 24, at 10:15 p.m. officers of the Santa Monica

Police Department received a radio call informing them that a

suspicious vehicle had been spotted in the area of the 1000 block of

Euclid Avenue. The officers hastened to the area and spotted the

vehicle. The officers conducted a traffic stop on this car and then

spoke with the driver in order to attempt to ascertain his reasons for

driving around that area. As the officers were chatting with the

driver they noticed that there were several tools in the car that could

well be utilized for the purpose of burglary. The officers also noticed

that the vehicle was bereft of license plates and after checking on

their police computer they discovered that the car was registered in

Texas. The officers conducted a search of the vehicle and in doing

so found numerous other burglary tools in addition to narcotics

paraphernalia. The officers arrested the driver (aged 26 and from

North Hollywood) as well as a male passenger (aged 40 and from

Montebello). The driver was charged with possession of burglary

tools and a violation of probation (bail set at $10,000) and the

passenger with possession of burglary tools and possession of

narcotics paraphernalia (bail set at $500).

Unhappy Camper.

On Monday, March 27, at 12:41 p.m. an officer of the Santa Monica

Police Department responded to a radio call about a man who had

set up camp on the sidewalk in the 2500 block of Main Street. The

officer went to the location and told this man that he was in violation

of a Santa Monica Municipal Code that prohibited such an

encampment. The camper became unhappy upon hearing this from

the officer and adopted a belligerent attitude and refused the

officer’s invitation to pack up and leave. After a more concerted

effort to persuade this man to leave the man got up but instead of

complying with the officer’s instructions the man picked up a

wooden stick and swung it at the officer. The officer managed to

protect himself but in doing so sustained injuries to his forearms.

The officer then forced this man down to the ground and a struggle

ensued. The officer prevailed in this struggle and this man was soon

in the back of a police vehicle and on his way to jail where he was

charged with assault with a deadly weapon and forcibly resisting

arrest. Bail for this 52-year- old Los Angeles resident was set at

$50,000. The officer was treated at an area hospital for minor

injuries and released.

An April Fool?

On Saturday, April 1, at 1:03 a.m. officers of the Santa Monica

Police Department were on their way to a call for service when they

saw a man running at a high velocity in traffic lanes in the 2100

block of Neilson Way. The man looked like he was running away

from a third party, although the officers didn’t see anyone chasing

this man. The officers ordered this man to halt but the man ignored

their commands and kept running manically. A few moments later

the man stopped and the officers approached him but the man then

suddenly pushed the officers away and attempted to escape. The

officers struggled with this man and managed to restrain him and

take him into custody. During this struggle the man accidentally

sustained some minor injuries so Santa Monica Fore Department

paramedics were summoned to attend to his injuries. This man was

unappreciative of the medical help provided by the paramedics and

proceeded to spit on the paramedics repeatedly. This 22-year- old

homeless man was arrested and charged with resisting arrest with

force, resisting arrest, battery on a police officer and public

intoxication. Bail was set at $25,000.

She Looked Out At Lookout.

On Saturday, April 1, at 4:49 p.m. officers of the Santa Monica

Police Department responded to a call for service in the 1800 block

of 17th Street in regard to a vehicle burglary. The officers rushed to

the location and met with the victim who was also the reporting

party. The victim told the officers that she had looked out of her

residence window spotted the suspect enter her vehicle and

rummage through it while another person standing nearby appeared

to act as a lookout. She said that she had then walked out to the car

and confronted the suspects, telling them that she had called the

police. The suspects, upon hearing this, began to walk away but the

victim demanded that they return her belongings. One of the

suspects returned her property to her before both suspects ran off in

the direction of Memorial Park, located at 1401 Olympic Boulevard.

The officers went in search of these suspects and discovered that

they were indeed at Memorial Park. After the victim had positively

identified these men they were both arrested. The individual who

had been inside the car, aged 24 and from Santa Monica was

charged with vehicle burglary, possession of opiates, conspiracy and

a violation of probation (bail was not granted) while the lookout,

aged 19 and also from Santa Monica was charged with burglary and

conspiracy with bail set at $20,000.

Santa Monica police established a surveillance position on Friday

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