Emergency Medevac Tonight at SMO

An organ transplant patient requiring a medevac will leave from SMO this evening and has been given special permission from the City to do so.

“Tonight, between 11 p.m. and 7 a.m. an aircraft will depart from Santa Monica Airport as part of a medical emergency organ transplant operation.  Airport Staff followed up with the Operator to secure the Medical Emergency Exemption Form as required by the California Public Utility Code,” said Nelson Hernandez, Senior Advisor to the City Manager.

“We do not have an exact departure time yet, I can only say at this point that it is likely to be between the aforementioned hours,” he added.

“I know we can count on your best wishes for the person in need of this life saving medical procedure,” Hernandez said.





  1. Why are these aircraft stationed at Santa Monica, when Van Nuys has ample ramp space and is just 10 miles away?

    Is this merely yet another transparent ploy for public sympathy from the wealthy aviation interests, who want to stave off conversion of what used to be a city park — converted to an airfield for military purposes — back into a city park???


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