Alert Police Blotter-Bonus Edition


By Tim Broughon

Beauty Service Leads To Ugly Scene.

On Friday, September 27, at 4:38 p.m. officers of the Santa Monica Police Department received a radio report informing them that a fight between two woman was in progress at a residence in the 1900 block of Sixth Street. The officers hastened to the scene and detained the two individuals involved. The officers first spoke with the apparent victim in this case and discovered that she had been relaxing on her couch when the suspect burst in through the unlocked front door unannounced. The woman said that this female suspect told her that she was there in order to serve her with “civil paperwork” regarding a bounced check for beauty services. The victim said that she had responded by telling the suspect that she was unaware that the check had bounced and suggested that they discuss the situation in a calm and responsible manner, to which the suspect became enraged and began to yell at the victim. The suspect then attempted to take the victim’s laptop computer and at that moment the victim tried to walk away, telling the suspect that she wanted to call her sister. The suspect pushed the victim to a mirror causing the victim to sustain a slight head injury. The suspect then closed and locked the front door and said that the victim had to pay the debt or she was not going to leave. The victim then called the police surreptitiously. The victim was able to call her sister who in turn called the police. The officers arrested the suspect, aged 39 and from Van Nuys and she was later charged with false imprisonment, assault with a deadly weapon and trespassing. Bail was set at $50,000.