Councilmember Tony Vazquez Issues Statement on Conflict of Interest Allegations

Tony Vazquez.
Tony Vazquez.

Santa Monica City Councilmember Tony Vazquez has been feeling the heat in recent days. A media report Friday revealed allegations that his wife, Maria Leon-Vazquez voted numerous times on items that benefited companies her husband was doing business with.

Following the article published in the LA Times, the paper reported Tuesday: “Los Angeles County district attorney’s office is looking into votes made by a Santa Monica school board member who approved contracts with companies that did business with her husband, a spokesman said.

“The votes could have violated the state’s conflict of interest laws, former Dist. Atty. Steve Cooley said.”

Today Vazquez sent this statement to The Mirror:

Tony Vazquez.
Councilmember Tony Vazquez.

“After lengthy consultations with legal counsel, I have been advised I am required to report discloseable investments and sources of income (including loans, gifts, and travel payments) only if they are located in or doing business in my Santa Monica City Council’s jurisdiction, are planning to do business in my Santa Monica City Council’s jurisdiction, or have done business during the previous two years in my Santa Monica City Council jurisdiction.

Because none of my business transactions through my firm Vazquez and Associates have taken place, related to or are planned to take place in my Santa Monica City Council jurisdiction, I am not required to disclose these transactions on the Form 700.

Furthermore, it has been clearly stated Keygent disclosed in their own transactions with the Santa Monica Malibu Unified School District its relationship with Vazquez and Associates, stating unequivocally this business relationship has nothing to do with any matters concerning the SMUSD.

In my 35-year career, both private and in public office, I have never been accused, investigated or convicted of breaking any law regarding financial disclosures or conflict of interest. I have devoted my entire career to the betterment of my community and advancing the interests of all of my constituents.”