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Stressed? Tired? Holiday Blues? Drip It Away!

By Barbara Bishop

I am in the middle of selling my house, finding a new place to live, talking care of my pup, trying to get enough sleep, trying to avoid fast food joints (even though sometimes I haven’t eaten anything all day), and maintaining my small (but mighty) PR business. Oh, yeah, I forgot to mention exercise, meditation and shaving my legs.

I wished there was something I could do to have more energy during the day. I was complaining to my brother-in-law, a doctor. He told me about “Drip Therapy.” He’s opened a clinic in Houston and it’s all the rage. Celebrities and those in the know have used drip therapy for years, and now it’s more readily available to the general public.

IV drips infuse your body with pure vitamins, hydration and electrolytes, directly into the bloodstream for full absorption. When you need a little boost to heal or feel better, vitamin drip infusion formulas can be a lifesaver, says my brother-in-law.

I checked online for drip centers in Los Angeles. All offer similar treatment, are administered by medical professionals and overseen by physicians. A leading LA facility offered these specific treatments:


For feeling sluggish and drained, the Cleanse drip is used for a fast and efficient fluid and electrolyte replacement to cleanse and reenergize your system. I could use this one.

Hang-Over Cure

Hung-over after too many cocktails? Suffering with a headache and/or nausea from drinking one too many libations? This drip helps you get hydrated and detoxified quickly. This would be good after all the holiday parties I’m about to attend.


Glowing healthy skin and hair is sexy and glamorous. Our doctor’s beauty cocktail infusion will leave you feeling glamorous, hydrated and radiant. This could help with my friggin adult acne breakouts.


Are you jet lagged? Did you stay up too late and got up too early? Need energy fast for your

workday, VIP event or a special event? The refresher drip will have you feeling

ready to seize the day or night! This drip provides the extra energy to jump start your

system. This one sounds pretty good.


Feeling beyond jet-lagged, over-worked, under-energized, run down, fatigued, and just overall off your game? Need to revitalize now, kick start your day immediately, and get back on your game pronto? This potent drip is designed specifically to your needs to revitalize you fast. Ok, I want it all!

A few months ago, I went in to a Santa Monica-based drip therapy center, and chose the most basic one, The Cleanse Drip, which was for feeling sluggish and drained. I was led to a small room with a treatment “bed,” laid down on it and started to relax.

The medical professional quickly and professionally inserted a small needle into a vein in my arm, which was used to get the drip going to administer the medicine. Once that was accomplished, the drip was connected, and flowing into my body. The vitamin fluid and electrolyte replacement was used to cleanse and reenergize my system. The process took about an hour and cost was about $90 for the basic drip.

Afterward, I did feel a little less sluggish, and had more energy than when I came in. I think I need more treatment though. Next week, I’m getting the “Revitalize” drip. They say this potent drip will be specially designed for my needs. Hopefully it will get me through December. Happy holidays!

Orange fruit dripline into arm
Drip Therapy is a casual affair for some.
Photo: onebodydfw.com.
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