Transformation is Key at The Biggest Loser Resort

By Keldine Hull

The Biggest Loser Resort offers a unique and personalized program designed to help thousands transform their bodies and change their lives. According to Lesley Carey, President, “The Biggest Loser Resort has locations in New York, Florida, and Palm Desert, California at the 5-star JW Marriott Desert Springs. Each facility is staffed with a team of certified nutritionists, trainers, and counselors dedicated to the growth and success of each participant.”

The Biggest Loser Resort in Palm Desert. Photos: Courtesy Lesley Carey.

Debra Hertzog is the Director of Sales and Life Coach at the Biggest Loser Resort in California. As one of the top lifestyle and fitness destinations in the world, it comes complete with four pools, private workshop areas, and one of the top ranked spas in America. The location is ideal for outdoor activities like nature walks, tennis, and golf.

“It’s amazing to see the transformation of the person who walks through the door for orientation on a Sunday and the person who leaves on a Saturday,” Hertzog explained. “They are two completely different individuals. It’s as rewarding as what you want to put into it. Once you show up to our facility, and you’re in the care, love, and concern of our team, we will do everything we can to encourage you. It’s life changing.”

The Biggest Loser resort caters to the specific goals and needs of its customers beginning with a health assessment at the start of their stay to gauge their physical health.

“Our customers are anywhere from 18 years old up to 88 years old. We see a cross section of people trying to get in alignment with a healthier lifestyle, trying to make some lifestyle changes and reclaim their health. Others come consistently to keep their health, fitness, and emotional well-being on the right track,” Hertzog said.

The staff goes beyond helping participants lose weight during their one week stay by helping facilitate a

lifestyle change that goes well beyond the program. They have a vested interest in every participant even after they leave the facility and re-integrate themselves into their everyday life.

“The program is designed to give individuals all the tools that they need to really create sustainable change,” Hertzog added. “Within that change you’re going to have ups and downs, and that’s the critical part. We really encourage our guests to stay in alignment with us, reach out to us when they perhaps have a bad day. Sometimes bad days can go into bad weeks, bad months. Staying in touch with our team, staying motivated and understanding what may be motivating or demotivating them really is a huge component in this. Our program is designed to keep the individual on track and to develop new behaviors and thinking, as well as creating lifestyle habits. Our staff is very compassionate, and there’s a lot of love and a lot of support that goes into helping people find themselves and find their strength, confidence, and self- esteem. And that to me is one of the most amazing parts of the program.”

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