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DocDrew’s Swish Issue 10, Volume 3

Dr. Paul Drew

Welcome to the tenth issue of volume three of Swish, a weekly periodical with recaps and photos of Santa Monica YMCA youth basketball games, and other pertinent info such as standings, schedules, announcements, and updates from the program.

The past weekend of June 15th was All-Star Saturday followed by season ending banquets and year round awards on Father’s Day Sunday, June 16th.

This past season, all leagues were named after dog breeds in honor of the former interim basketball director, Christian Gonzalez, becoming a veterinarian technician.

I have had a long standing professional and personal relationship with the majority owner of the Los Angeles Lakers, Jeanie Buss, for over 25 years, and she has been heavily involved with animal rescue.   I asked her, which pet adoption agency was her favorite, and she recommended the following:


So if you are thinking of adopting a pet, please check out Perfect Pet Rescue.

Fall registration for youth basketball season, at the Santa Monica YMCA, will be available online at http://welcome.ymcasm.org/ or in person at the Santa Monica YMCA on August 1st, 2019.

This past Sunday, during our year end awards, we honored the man who resurrected the Santa Monica YMCA youth basketball program, Pete Arbogast, by inducting him into our Santa Monica Youth Basketball Hall of Fame.  He restarted the program in 2011 with only 25 participants, and brought it to full capacity with 300 kids playing every season before his retirement as the youth basketball director last year.

We all know him as “The Voice” of USC football, a counselor at the Santa Monica YMCA Camp Big Bear, and his lifelong dedication to improving the lives of our youth through the YMCA.  But what many of us don’t know, is what he also does, to help those in their final moments

The final call: The voice of USC football does his most important work for an audience of one


AUG 10, 2018

Marcia Kislinger was dying, taking her last breaths, but her family wasn’t there yet. They had just been notified.

They were rushing from their homes to her bedside at Providence St. John’s Health Center in Santa Monica. They were worried they wouldn’t arrive in time, and the 63-year-old woman would die alone.

As they raced into her room, they suddenly stopped, struck with the oddest of sights. She had company.

Sitting at her bedside was a stranger with a walrus mustache and the touch of a feather. He was stroking her hand and whispering into her ear. She was not responding. He continued speaking.

“It’s OK. … I’m right here. … You’re not alone.’’

The family stared at each other in wonder.

“We were all like, ‘Who is this man?’’’ recalled Eddie Kislinger, Marcia’s brother. “He was a total stranger, yet he was so calm, so kind, there was something angelic about him.”

When the man stood up, he addressed the family in oddly familiar baritone tones. He was wearing a one-word name tag:


Later, outside the room, Kislinger asked Peter if he knew his sister. He did not. He asked Peter if talking to dying patients was his vocation. He replied that, no, it was not.

Actually, Peter said, he has this other job where he talks to hundreds of thousands of Angelenos under far different circumstances.

“That’s when it hit me,’’ Kislinger said. “I realized that the voice comforting my sister in her final hours was the voice of USC football.’’

Peter was, indeed, Pete Arbogast, the longtime Trojans football radio announcer who answers to a higher play-calling. His most important listeners never know his name. His most important words are often the last they hear.

Arbogast, 63, is a volunteer in the Providence St. John’s No One Dies Alone program, a nationwide service that offers companionship to dying patients.

If a terminally ill patient’s family is not immediately available, or if they have no family, Arbogast is one of about 50 volunteers who might be summoned to their bedside. He spends as many as four hours comforting them.

He sits at their shoulders, believing they can still hear. He lightly strokes their arms or pats their backs, hoping they can still feel. He has a voice that has famously boomed throughout Southern California for 23 years of Saturdays, yet he lowers it to a calming hush.

“It’s like I’m just a guide from one place to the next,’’ Arbogast said. “I’m just there to help you out, to make sure you’re OK on your journey.’’

Sometimes he talks about the day. Sometimes he talks about sports. He has never once talked about USC football. Because volunteers are only known by their first names, few in the hospital know he is associated with USC football.

Often, Arbogast reads words of inspiration culled from books he collects just for these occasions, from the works of writers such as Henry Van Dyke and Howard A. Walter.

“Things a man must learn to do, if he would make his record true … to love his fellow men sincerely, to act from honest motives purely.’’

“I would be true, for there are those who trust me; I would be pure, for there are those who care …’’

During his 10 visits in the last several years, no patient has died while Arbogast was in the room. Some have died shortly after he left. He sometimes walks away feeling as depleted, as if he had just left the Coliseum after calling a USC game against Notre Dame.

The fact is, no one should die alone. That would be horrible. This is for them.   PETE ARBOGAST

“Sometimes I feel like I’ve just finished a broadcast, I’m so emotionally exhausted,’’ Arbogast said. “But it’s not about me. It’s not for me. The fact is, no one should die alone. That would be horrible. This is for them. Even if they don’t know we’re there, we’re there.’’

That has been a mantra for Arbogast’s life, one that could be in the brightest spotlight but does its best work in the shadows.

Arbogast has been the radio announcer for more USC football games than anybody, passing the great Tom Kelly after Kelly began splitting his time between television and radio.

“He’s become an iconic figure in USC sports history,’’ said John Jackson, his partner in the booth.

He is a broadcasting icon whose full-time job is not in broadcasting. He is the director of youth sports for the Santa Monica YMCA. When he’s not providing the soundtrack for USC football games — for which he is paid on a per-game basis — he runs recreation basketball leagues and chaperones kids at summer camps.

“I remember telling my dad about this, and he’s like, ‘Wait, Pete Arbogast works for you?’’’ said Erika Alsthule, the YMCA’s youth and family department director. “I am very surprised he would do this, but he’s always giving back to the community. People around here know him for that.’’

Arbogast has always worked at local YMCAs — nearly a dozen — because he grew up around the Hollywood YMCA and saw how the experience could change people. He was molded by the city — Los Angeles John Marshall High, Los Angeles Community College, USC — and wants to pay it forward.

“Pete has such a good, strong and generous heart,’’ said Tim Tessalone, USC’s sports information director.

Arbogast has to be the only Southland broadcaster who also occasionally does public address announcements for football games at his former high school, and referees YMCA youth games when nobody else is available. The other night, he even threw out the first pitch at a Little League playoff game, which perfectly illustrates a low-key lifestyle that includes living in a small, rented Venice apartment with his wife, Jenny, and driving a Pontiac Vibe with 220,000 miles on it.

“I’ve always been lucky in having my dream USC job, but never been lucky in money. I never really had any,” he said. “But I’m OK. I’m good. I wake up happy, and that’s all that matters. When I’m done, I’m going to look up and say that was all great stuff.’’

Great stuff but tough stuff, this part of his life that involves waiting for the death of strangers. Arbogast became a volunteer after answering an ad in the Santa Monica Daily Press. He would still be serving anonymously if not for an e-mail from Eddie Kislinger, who thought his family’s surprise should be shared.

“He’s not Pete the USC guy, he’s just a gentle, compassionate giant named Peter,’’ said Erin Pickerel, a volunteer coordinator at Providence St. John’s. “He brings this calmness, this assurance. You can feel his presence.’’

Pickerel once walked into a room where Arbogast was talking softly to a patient while lightly holding his hand. She remembers his words exactly, the words of a football announcer calling a play that carries a soul.

‘’You’re not alone, buddy. I’m right here.”


All Rookie League First Team for Spring 2019. Left to right:  Vitalina Moncher, Tristan Hayes, Sylvie Levitt, Tiam Baraghoush, Rhys Scheflen, and Grace Samy.  Photo by Ash Baraghoush
Rhys Scheflen was All Rookie First Team and Rookie Newcomer of the Season.  Photo by Sarah Scheflen
Nicco Balerini was All Rookie First Team, and Rookie of the Season.  Photo by Rebecca Balerini
Rookie All Star game action
Rookies vs Bantams All Star game

Rookie League

First team

Rookie League

First team

Vitalina Moncher        Yorkies            Most Valuable Player

Tristan Hayes        Terriers

Sylvie Levitt            Maltese   

Tiam Baraghoush         Maltese

Aidan Smith            Doxies

Nicco Balerini        Doxies

Rhys Scheflen         Terriers

Grace Samy             Yorkies

Louis Meehan-Smith        Chihuahuas

Lauren Bryan        Yorkies

Second team

Luca Samson        Pugs

Dechen Lemond        Chihuahuas

Zander Chin            Chihuahuas

Benji Saunders        Maltese

Laila Elliott            Pugs

David Casparian         Pugs

Eloise Siegler         Terriers

Ryan Lim            Yorkies

Kai Badat            Yorkies

Theo Franklin        Terriers

Honorable mention

Richard Haro            Chihuahuas

Reyansh Varma        Pugs

Rosalina Storstein        Yorkies

Juney Jones            Doxies

Roman Sweeney         Doxies

Rookie League All Rookie/Newcomer Team

First team

Nicco Balerini        Doxies            Rookie of the season

Rhys Scheflen        Terriers        Newcomer of the season

Reyansh Varma        Pugs

Lauren Bryan        Yorkies

Ryan Lim            Yorkies

Second team

Daniel Gruft            Doxies

Branden Forester         Pugs

Hawkins Wakefield         Pugs

Roman Gabriel        Terriers

Dylan Geary            Terriers

Stellan Haberli         Yorkies

Honorable Mention

Rohan Sellers         Chihuahuas

Stephan Jirnih        Doxies

Mae Jones            Doxies

Maia Shenk-Miro         Doxies

Triton Hayes            Terriers

Henry Pellar            Maltese

Kiera Wheeler        Terriers

Mariella Belew        Yorkies


All Bantam First Team for the Spring 2019 season. Left to right:  Noah McLaurin, Miles Franklinl, Rayan Etemadnia, Annika Cook, Jordan Blum, Michael Mikhail, Ben Steelman, Gavin O’Brien, and Cassius Taylor.  Photo by Pia O’Brien
Wiley Scheflen was Bantam Newcomer of the Spring 2019 season.  Photo by Sarah Scheflen
Conor Durcan with his “Player of the Game” award next to his friends Eloise and Daisy Siegler after the All Star game of Boys vs Girls.  Eloise and Daisy were the 2018-19 Most Improved Players of the year. Photo by Declan Durcan
All star action of Bantam Girls vs Bantam Boys.  Photos by Declan Durcan

Bantam League

First team

Noah McLaurin        Spaniels        Most Valuable Player

Noah Hagooli Bolaños     Beagles

Rayan Etemadnia         Shelties

Annika Cook            Corgies

Jordan Blum            Corgies

Michael Mikhail        Pinschers

Miles Franklin        Schnauzers

Vaughn Elliott        Schnauzers

Ben Steelman         Scotties

Gavin O’Brien        Spaniels

Cassius Taylor        Bassets

Second team

Erol Besingcioglu        Bassets

Dominic Drew        Pinschers

Aiden Lin            Shelties

Veronica Machala        Beagles

Vihaan Nawathe         Corgies

Dylan Kravitz            Scotties

Alan Larkin            Scotties

Wiley Scheflen         Shelties

River Zelenovic         Spaniels

Koa Entsminger        Spaniels

Jacopo Stabilini         Beagles

Honarable Mention

Iwa Hashim             Bassets

Oliver Kowalczuk         Bassets

Bella Kariger            Beagles

Jenson Montague         Pinschers

Brandon Israels        Scotties

Elliot Ma            Shelties

Sammy Levi            Corgies

Daisy Siegler            Beagles

Bantam League All Rookie Team

First team

Jordan Blum            Corgies        Rookie of the Season

Wiley Scheflen         Shelties

Second Team

Taylor Summers        Beagles

Kammie Chen        Corgies

Honarable Mention

Scarlett Harris        Beagles

Misha Lakhani        Beagles

Ryan Drew            Pinschers

Aaron King            Schnauzers

Bantam League All Newcomer Team

(Only for first season playing in Santa Monica YMCA league)

First Team

Wiley Scheflen         Shelties        Newcomer of the season

Jordan Blum            Corgies

Second Team

Taylor Summers        Beagles

Kammie Chen        Corgies

Honorable Mention

Chloe Sullivan         Bassets

Aaron King            Schnauzers

Samantha Leeds        Scotties

Waylon Ford            Shelties

Rookie to Bantam League All Transitional Team

(Only for those moving from Rookie to Bantam this season)

First Team

Ryan Drew            Pinschers        Transitional Player of the Season

Second team

Scarlett Harris         Beagles

Misha Lakhani        Beagles

Honorable Mention

Catherine Casas        Beagles


All Minor League First Team for Spring 2019. Left to right:  Theo Haberli, Isley Williams, Nate Blum, James Cook, Sophia Levi, and Kalen Anderson.  Photo by Renu Mevasse
Minors vs Majors All Star game

9/8/19:  Avenging a previous 19-point loss to the Collies, the Wolfhounds came out barking and never looked back en route to a 35-20 victory. 1st team all minor league Joseph Zak led the way with 19 points – including three 3 pointers. Alex Ghiassi and Mohammed Jahromi supported Zak’s efforts with 6 points apiece and Ryan Schuster and Marina Shickler both chipped in 2. Patrick Chang and Ryan Chambers played intense defense forcing steals and grabbing key rebounds. Wyatt Wang was aggressively looking for his shot and unselfishly fed Zak for some key buckets. The hounds smothering defense made it difficult for the Collies, a very good shooting team, to get good looks and also were also strong on the boards with many players employing fundamental boxing-out techniques.   This game was unique as Coach Jonathan only cheered from the sidelines – he let different players “captain” each 4-minute interval. Schuster acknowledges the on-court leadership that many players employed and looks forward to further empowering his players in coming seasons. After a Spring of ups and downs, it was exciting to see a great group of players double their win total and end the season on a high note. Coach Jonathan believes that each player has improved over the course of the season. Some of the traits he noticed include more passionate/aggressive play, fundamental defensive stances/slides, crisper passing, stronger rebounding, improved shooting form and better decision making. He hopes that each player reflects on the learned skills and builds upon them in future seasons. Lastly, he hopes that each Wolfhound had a blast and continues next season on their hoops journey.  Submitted by Coach Jonathan Schuster

Minor League

First Team

Akiva Heller            Pointers        Most Valuable Player

Theo Haberli            Akitas

London Coleman        Whippets

Kalen Anderson        Collies

Sophia Levi             Dalmatians

Leo Mooney            Labs

James Cook            Labs

Nate Blum                   Pointers

Eddie Stein            Labs

Justin Tun            Dalmatians

Joseph Zak            Wolfhounds

Isley Williams                       Setters

Second Team

Jace O’Brien            Whippets

Ryan Schuster         Wolfhounds   

Kai Mevasse            Pointers

Priya Mevasse        Pointers

Amiel Doustan        Akitas

Max Hinton            Collies

James Petrovich         Dalmatians

Zoe Debenning         Labs

Atobek Nasimov        Dalmatians

Mohamad Jahromi         Wolfhounds

Evan Chang            Akitas

Darien Jones            Akitas

Weston Keslow        Labs

Sean Saunders                    Setters

Asher Eng                            Whippets

Honorable mention

Olivia Duarte            Pointers

Tavio Esposito        Pointers

Griffin Glowacki         Setters

Gavin Bao            Setters

Asher Eng            Whippets

Parker Cappiccille                Collies

Jarvis Wakefield                   Whippets

Minor League All Rookie Team

First Team

James Cook            Labs            Rookie of the season

Nate Blum            Pointers

Akiva Heller            Pointers

Kai Mevasse            Pointers

James Petrovich        Dalmatians

Second Team

Olivia Duarte            Pointers

Damien Hashim         Akitas

Amelia Hess            Collies

Parker Keslow        Labs

Javis Wakefield         Whippets

Cam Pariser             Whippets

Honorable Mention

Julian Weinerman        Akitas

Macy Zelenovic         Pointers

Jackson Shea-Fisher    Whippets

Brenden Eghrari         Whippets

Chad McNeel        Whippets

Minor League All Newcomer Team

(Only for first season playing in Santa Monica YMCA league)

First Team

Nate Blum            Pointers        Newcomer of the season

Akiva Heller            Pointers   

Second Team

Olivia Duarte            Pointers

Damien Hashiem         Pointers

Chad NcNeel        Whippets

Patrick Chiang         Wolfhounds

Honorable mention

Ben Yacoub            Labs

Judy Mostafa        Dalmatians

Zach Figlin            Setters

Bantam to Minor League All Transitional Team

(Only for those moving from Bantam to Minor this season)

First Team

James Petrovich         Dalmatians         Transitional player of the season

James Cook            Labs

Second Team

Amelia Hess            Collies

Parker Keslow        Labs

Cam Pariser             Whippets

Jarvis Wakefield         Whippets

Honorable mention

Josephine Casas        Collies

Feliks Sleyks            Collies

Jake Kazerani        Dalmatians

Isabella Van Bilderbeek     Pointers

Macy Zelenovic         Pointers

Brenden Eghrari        Whippets

Donna Enayati        Wolfhounds

Wyatt Wang            Wolfhounds

Julien Weinerman         Akitas


Major players teamed up with alumni of the Santa Monica YMCA youth basketball program to participate in a series of short games. Alumni that showed were former player of the year Andrew Daouda, Kasra Sariri, Nikki Reiterer, Lamar Garcia, Nasir Luna, Zion Qurtman, and Ryan Abbouseana.  Not only did Major players have a great time playing with the alumni, but also learned valuable lessons in teamwork, in order to help them with their basketball career after leaving our program.

Alumni and Majors combined forces to play a series of mini games.  Photos by Wendy Hermosillo

Louis has been submitting fabulous photos for the Swish throughout this season, and I felt it would be nice to display his amazing photography with the following photos from the Majors All Star game, and the Alumni/Majors mini-tournament.

Series of photos of the Majors All Star game, and the Alumni/Majors mini tournament.  Photos by Louis Yansen

Major League

First Team

Eli Levi            Shepherds        Most Valuable Player

Quest Miller            Boxers

Kayvon Abadi        Airedales

Luca Bainbridge         Airedales

Dom Kajota            Boxers

Eric Papazian         Boxers

Griffinn Pine            Danes

Keenan Bryant        Dobies

Rama Karimi         Mastiffs

Orlando Sandoval        Shepherds

Evan Daghighian         Greyhounds

Luke Khosla             Malamutes

Timosha Moncher         Greyhounds

Sebastian Ramirez         Malamutes

Second Team

Jason Tun            Greyhounds

Sam Rubin             Dobies

Xialoh Hermosillo        Shepherds

Conner Sullivan         Dobies

Ariadni Potamianos        Mastiffs

Bruno Picazo         Malamutes

Sasha Yansen        Danes

Lorenzo Stabilini         Danes

Aayan Lakhani        Boxers

Cy Backen             Mastiffs

Michael Hanasab        Shepherds

Keean Stoll            Airedales

Joey Little            Danes

Honorable Mention

Jack Froom            Airedales

Nathan Bekele        Danes

Matthew Hanasab         Shepherds

Dalton White            Dobies

Amir Jahromi         Greyhounds

Armaan Kohli        Mastiffs

Gordon McLean        Dobies

Major League All Rookie Team

First Team

Matthew Hanasab        Shepherds        Rookie of the season

Julian Haggart        Airedales

Aayan Lakhani        Boxers

Second Team

Steven Petramale         Shepherds

Isaac Rockwell                     Boxers

Honorable mention

Leul Belay            Dobies

Travis Waters        Greyhounds

Jacob Ronn            Boxers

Major League All Newcomer Team

(Only for first season playing in Santa Monica YMCA league)

First Team

Julian Haggart        Airedales        Newcomer of the season

Honorable mention

Lucas Ellison            Dobies

Minor to Major League All Transitional Team

(Only for those moving from Minor to Major this season)

First Team

Aayan Lakhani        Boxers            Transitional player of the season

Matthew Hanasab        Shepherds

Second Team

Jacob Ronn            Boxers

Steven Petramale         Shepherds

Honorable mention

Leul Belay            Dobies

Travis Waters        Greyhounds

Richard Cortez        Malamutes

Jonathan Shu        Mastiffs

Roberto Sierra        Shepherds

Emerson Hill            Airedales

Year End Awards

Griffinn Pine was the 2018-19 Santa Monica YMCA Player of the Year.  Photo by Max Brooks

The Fall Major Rams were the Santa Monica Team of the Year for 2018-2019.  Photo by Louis Yansen

The All Santa Monica 2018-19 Fist Team.  Pictured from left to right: Timosha Moncher, Bella Kariger, Sebastian Ramirez, Hunter Esposito-Doi, Vitalina Moncher, Eli Levi, Aayan Lakhani, and Griffinn Pine.  Photo by Louis Yansen

Coach of the year

Kerri Keslow

Referee of the year

Michael Thompson

Most Improved Player of the year

Daisy and Eloise Siegler

Most Inspirational Player of the year

Jenson Montague

Hall of Fame

Peter Arbogast

Dash Decker

Team of the Year

2018 Fall Major Rams

First team for 2018-2019

Griffinn Pine-Player of the Year

Bella Kariger

Vitalina Moncher

Dagmawi Ayele

Sebastian Ramirez

Jarvis Wakefield

Quest Miller

Aayan Lakhani

Eli Levi

Hunter Esposito-Doi

Timosha Moncher

Noah McLaurin

Second team for 2018-2019

Theo Haberli

James Petrovich

Keenan Bryant

Ariadni Potamianos

Sam Rubin

Dom Kajota

James Cook

Parker Cappiccille

Dean Phalen

Tristan Hayes

Evan Daghighian

Honorable Mention for 2018-2019

Gavin O’Brien

Parker Keslow

Weston Keslow

Wally Levitt

Tiam Baraghoush

Louis Meehan Smith

Noah Hagooli Bolaños

Ben Steelman

Kalen Anderson

Sophia Levi

Eddie Stein

Kayvon Abadi

After the banquet, kids went out to the court, and formed their own pickup game

This Week’s Profile

Each week, Swish has a profile of a coach, player, or someone in the program who inspires all of us involved in Santa Monica YMCA basketball.  

This week’s profile is of our new assistant youth sports coordinator Ian Roper. He recently switched from working the front desk of the Santa Monica YMCA to being heavily involved in the youth basketball program.

DocDrew:  What got you interested in working at the YMCA?

Ian:   I became interested in working at the YMCA when my friend back home started working at the local YMCA. I knew that the YMCA would be a good start for me to get into coaching and being involved the community.

DocDrew:  Where did your passion for basketball come from, especially working with kids?

Ian:  I have played basketball since the day I can remember. Its something I grew up doing. My father coached me for many years in a recreation league, so I have a good idea of what its about to coach kids at this age and how it can impact a kids life.

DocDrew:  What are your future plans?

Ian:  I plan on being a basketball head coach anywhere that I can to start. The dream is to get to Division 1 coaching and maybe even the NBA. I am currently attending college to try and get closer to that dream. I know that I will be there one day.

Special thanks to Ian Roper for coming on board to help our young basketball players excel and enjoy the game.  



ROOKIE ALL STAR GAME:  White jerseys 14, Gold jerseys 8

ROOKIES vs BANTAMS:  Rookies 10, Bantams 7

BANTAM ALL STAR GAME:  Boys 11, Girls 9

BANTAMS vs MINORS:  Bantams 11, Minors 26

MINOR ALL STAR GAME:  White jerseys 30, Dark jerseys 18

MINORS vs MAJORS:  Minors 25, Majors 33

MAJOR ALL STAR GAME:  Dark jerseys 47, White jerseys 66

MAJORS AND ALUMNI GAME was a series of multiple short games played by teams with a combination of Majors and Alumni on each team with everyone being a winner

Final Standings:  

Teams are awarded 5 points for a win, 3 points for a tie, 1 point for a loss, 0 points for a forfeit.  Tournament games have greater point value. Teams are listed in their place in the standings with W-L-T and team points.

Yorkies 6-1-2, 40 points #League Champions# *Yorkies were 2-0-0 vs the Chihuahuas

Chihuahuas 7-2-0, 40 points

Maltese 5-3-1, 32 points *one loss by forfeit

Terriers 3-4-2, 26 points

Doxies 3-4-2, 25  points

Pugs 1-9-0, 14 points                   

Spaniels 7-1-1, 42 points #League Champions#

Corgies 5-3-1, 34 points            

Beagles 5-4-0, 31 points

Bassets 4-4-1, 27 points

Schnauzers 4-5-0, 26 points

Shelties 3-5-1, 25 points

Pinschers 3-5-1, 24 points

Scotties 3-6-0, 21 points   

Pointers 8-1-0, 44 points #League Champions#

Labs 7-2-0, 39 points

Akitas 6-3-0, 36 points            

Whippets 4-3-2, 31 points                           

Setters 3-5-1, 24 points

Dalmatians 3-6-0, 22 points   

Wolfhounds 2-7-0, 17 points *Better record(1-1) against the Setters.  

Collies 2-7-0, 17 points *(0-1) against the Setters   
Shepherds 8-1-0, 44 points     #League Champions#

Boxers 7-2-0, 40 points                

Greyhounds 6-3-0, 35 points

Malamutes 5-4-0, 31 points    

Danes 3-6-0, 22 points

Dobies 3-6-0, 21 points               

Airedales 2-7-0, 17 points

Mastiffs 2-7-0, 18 points               

Thank you very much,

Dr. Paul Drew, youth basketball coordinator at the Santa Monica YMCA,  editor and publisher of Swish

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February 23, 2024

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During Lean Times for the City, Certain Staff Members Slated to Get Hefty Raises

February 23, 2024

February 23, 2024

Proposed Equity Adjustments Raise Questions Amid Budgetary Concerns The next Santa Monica City Council Meeting will be held on Tuesday,...

Blue Bus Seeks Input on How to Improve Service

February 22, 2024

February 22, 2024

Through Brighter Blue, Big Blue Bus Aims to Develop a Strategic Plan for Implementing System Enhancements Over Five Years Santa...

Amid Delays, House of Pies Sets New Opening Date for Venice Spot

February 22, 2024

February 22, 2024

For About a Year, the Development’s Construction Has Seemingly Been Inactive By Zach Armstrong House of Pies, a popular L.A....

(Video) Russian River’s Pliny the Younger 2024 at Father’s Office in Culver City

February 22, 2024

February 22, 2024

Russian River’s Pliny the Younger 2024  at Father’s Office in Culver City. The ticket got you two pours of the...

Culinary Bliss Awaits: Los Angeles Wine & Food Festival Debuts in Santa Monica

February 21, 2024

February 21, 2024

Santa Monica Pier Welcomes the Inaugural Los Angeles Wine & Food Festival Santa Monica is set to become the birthplace...

Indulge Your Cookie Cravings and Support Local Scouts: Girl Scout Cookie® Sales Now Open

February 21, 2024

February 21, 2024

Multiple Ways to Purchase Iconic Cookies and Make a Difference You can satisfy your Girl Scout Cookie® cravings this season...

Popular Coffee & Tea Franchise Opens Another Santa Monica Spot

February 21, 2024

February 21, 2024

The News Comes Four Months After the Announcement of Its Third Santa Monica Outpost By Zach Armstrong Coffee Bean &...

Bruce Lurie Gallery Unveils “Give Us Our Flowers” Exhibition

February 21, 2024

February 21, 2024

Philoche’s painting style incorporates vintage subjects to convey a tribute to the resilience of human spirit.  Bruce Lurie Gallery presents...

Portraiture Masterclass with Renowned Photographer Coming to Venice Beach

February 21, 2024

February 21, 2024

Participants will explore the boardwalk alongside Alan, honing their creativity and engaging with the local community. Renowned photographer Alan Shapiro...

“Women in Jazz” Event at the Moss Theater to Benefit College Scholarship Program

February 20, 2024

February 20, 2024

The Scholarship Trains Students to be Ambassadors for Antiracist Learning and Teaching Los Angeles-based jazz vocalist Amber Weekes, an alumna...

Countdown to the 30th Annual SAG Awards: Celebrating Excellence in Film and TV

February 20, 2024

February 20, 2024

SAG Awards Ceremony Set for Feb. 24, 2024, to be Globally Streamed on Netflix The anticipation for the 30th Annual...

“20’s/20s” Exhibit at ARCANE to Showcase Emerging Artists’ Work

February 20, 2024

February 20, 2024

The Featured Artists Were All in Their Twenties During the 2020s ARCANE Space is set to host an exhibition showcasing...

(Video) If Not Now Los Angeles Protest at Vice President Kamala Harris’ Home in Brentwood

February 20, 2024

February 20, 2024

The group held a Shiva or Jewish mourning ceremony as a protest. @smmirrornews If Not Now Los Angeles Protest at...

Atmospheric River Update for Los Angeles, Santa Monica, and Malibu for February 19

February 19, 2024

February 19, 2024

Road Closures, Mudslides, and Heaviest Rainfall of This Storm Still on the Way The City of Los Angeles intensified its...