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DocDrew’s Swish Issue 9, Volume 3

By Dr. Paul Drew

Welcome to the ninth issue of volume three of Swish, a weekly periodical with recaps and photos of Santa Monica YMCA youth basketball games, and other pertinent info such as standings, schedules, announcements, and updates from the program.

This past weekend was our last regular season games of Spring youth basketball with exciting tournament matches in all divisions.  League champions are determined by a point system in which teams are given 5 points for a win, 3 points for a tie, and 1 point for a loss.  However, tournament games can have greater point value based on the level of the game and the tournament. It’s very possible for a team to win the League Championship, without winning the end of season tournament, based on having more total points than the tournament champion.  Congratulations to the following teams for winning their league championship:

Rookie Pugs, Bantam Spaniels, Minor Pointers, and Major Shepherds

In this week’s Swish, we continue with the history of the YMCA.  The following is from

HISTORY – 1960 TO 1990S

Boy jumping on an inflatable rainbow at the first Healthy Kids Day event in 1992.

Motivating African-American teens to academic and career success was the goal of a Black Achievers program conceived in 1967 by Quentin Mease at the South Central YMCA in Houston, Texas. In 1971, financial consultant Dr. Leo B. Marsh at the Harlem Branch YMCA (New York) initiated the Black Achievers format we know today: a volunteer adult mentoring model that helps youth to raise their academic standards and develop a positive sense of self. The program later expanded to support all teens of color.

Many African American YMCAs became meeting places and rallying points for the Civil Rights Movement. In 1967, racial discrimination was banned in all YMCAs.

YMCA of the USA first began work on public policy issues in the late 1970s, forming the Government Relations and Public Policy Office in the nation’s capital in 1991. The office champions the YMCA mission with lawmakers and federal and state government officials. The office also works with YMCAs and state alliances to strengthen their government relations efforts, helping them advocate for the kids, families and communities they serve and deepening their influence in state capitols. Every state alliance now engages in a variety of important issues impacting YMCAs and their communities.

In the mid 1970s, the national YMCA and the NBA Players Association created the Youth Basketball Association (YBA) to organize youth into recreational sports programs that stress skills and teamwork over winning at any cost. The National YMCA Swimming and Diving Championship, originally started in 1922, became the world’s largest swimming championship with, 1,500 participants.

To encourage the healthy development of youth, YMCAs conducted the first national Healthy Kids Day in 1992—the nation’s largest health day for kids and families. Free and open to the public, it became an annual April event, designed to emphasize the importance of play in keeping kids healthy and happy and enhancing their problem-solving abilities, creativity, and motor and social skills.

In 1994, celebrating a rich history in character development, the YMCA Movement defined character as the demonstration of four core values: caring, honesty, respect and responsibility. YMCA staff intentionally modeled the values with children, youth and adult members and volunteers.

During YMCA Service meetings held in 1996 and 1997, YMCAs voiced their desire to have YMCA of the USA secure corporate alliances on behalf of the movement. Sponsorship allows Ys to share their mission and stories with the American public with an intensity they could not achieve on their own, increasing individual and corporate fundraising, membership and volunteer efforts.

Although YMCAs have been engaged in the arts from their earliest days, YMCA of the USA formally established arts and humanities as a national program in 1998, spotlighting the importance of arts to the development of a young person’s imagination, critical thinking, communication and social skills.

In the 1980s and ’90s, baby boomers with families became more prominent as members and Ys responded by creating specific programs like family swims and family nights, providing families with opportunities to play, interact and have fun.


The Yorkies are the Rookie League Champions.  Photo by Ray Lim

Saturday Rookies, Yorkies over Pugs:  Any loss or tie would eliminate our Yorkies from championship contention, so even though the Pugs were without a win, we took it very seriously.  Vitalina Moncher took over right from the start with 4 of her 6 points in the first quarter to go along with 5 steals just in the first, and Grace Samy also hit a bucket, but the highlight came when Oguz Aghayev hit a bucket and we were up 8-0 after the first.  Rosalina Storstein would get 2 of her 6 points in the second and Ryan Lim would also score to put us up 12-2 at the half. The second half saw both teams try to get all their players on the score sheet and highlights came when Stellan Haberli scored and Oguz hit his second bucket of the game.  Lauren Bryan also played very well for us and the petite Mariella Belew got extensive playing time and was able to get some nice shots at the rim. With this solid win, our Yorkies set themselves up for a shot at the Rookie League title on Championship Sunday. Submitted by Coach Rick Moncher

The Yorkies Ryan Lim was Player of the Game in the Rookie Championship game.  Photo by Ray Lim

Pugs vs Yorkies:  The Pugs took on the Yorkies on Saturday afternoon.  The Yorkies jumped out to an early lead, but the Pugs responded with some solid team basketball.  For the first time all season, all of the Pugs present scored a basket in the same game. Luca Samson led the way with 4 points, 6 steals and 1 block.  Laila Elliot scored 2 points to go along with 7 rebounds (probably a career high). Adrian Yen and Arya Nawathe scored 3rd quarter baskets to keep the Pugs’ offense rolling.  In the 4th quarter, the fireworks continued as Cruz Hecklin’s jump shot from from the left side fell through the net. Reyansh Varma also scored on a jumper in the lane after an offensive rebound. Hawkins Wakefield connected on another baseline jump shot for his first basket of the game.  Luca Samson finished up the scoring with a 10′ pull-up from the left wing – nothing but net. Final score: Yorkies 24 – Pugs 16. Submitted by Coach Charles Ellinwood

Pugs vs Rookies:  Monday afternoon, the Pugs went toe to toe against a squad full of Rookie Players.  Building off of the momentum from Saturday’s game, the Pugs came to play. The Rookies took an early 4 point lead before Laila Elliot decided to put her foot down.  3 first quarter baskets by Laila and 2 free throws from Arya Nawathe gave the Pugs the lead going into Halftime 10 – 4. The 3rd quarter brought even more Pugs offense.  Reyansh Varma scored a basket in the lane on a great assist from Cruz Hecklin. David Casparian added another basket with a bank shot from the right side off the dribble. Arya Nawathe added 2 more baskets in the 3rd quarter to finish with 6 points for the game.  Luca Samson was terrific on defense and unselfish with the basketball, finding open teammates for good shot attempts and moving the ball. Adrian Yen was solid, tracking down loose rebounds, passing the ball to his teammates and staying alert on defense. Adam Norman was active on defense and helped his team with good passing and unselfish play.  Hawkins Wakefield also showed up to play and brought great enthusiasm to the team along with a couple of rebounds and some focused defense. Holding on to the lead going into the 4th quarter, Laila Elliot sealed the victory with 2 buckets, finishing with 10 points and player of the game honors. Final Score: Pugs 20 – Rookies 7. Submitted by Coach Charles Ellinwood

Pug vs All-Stars:  Player of the Game, The Pugs Laila Elliott makes a basket against a team of All Stars, photos by Julie Elliott

Rookies get ready to take on their parents in the Rookies vs Elders game.  Photo by Lisa Smith

It was a special Tuesday event, with the Rookies vs Elders game.  Parents and siblings of the Rookie kids brought their skills to match up against our youngest players at the Santa Monica YMCA.  The Elders grabbed an early lead, and the game was close up through the third quarter, and then the Rookies went running wild, as kids of that age do, and took command of the game in the 4th quarter, and won by the final of 34-27.  Player of the Game awards went to Rhys Scheflen, Daniel Gruft, and Miles Smith. The kids, parents, and siblings all had a blast. Once again, the Elders were left with saying what all Scooby Doo villains say when caught: “We would have gotten away with it, if it wasn’t for you meddling kids!”  Submitted by DocDrew

Pugs vs Yorkies.  Photo by Josh Wakefield

Rookie League Championship:  At one point in the season, our Yorkies had the strange-looking record of 2-1-2.  One of those wins was over the Chihuahuas, but those same Chihuahuas would run the table and be at 7-1 going into the final game of the season.  After that 2-1-2 start, we knew would could not lose again. We would need to go 4-0 the rest of the way, but with the remarkable improvement all 10 players were showing each week, we all felt confident about our chances.  We had impressive wins down the stretch and came into this game at 5-1-2. Just beat those Chihuahuas and the title was ours. Lauren Bryan and Vitalina Moncher were tasked with stopping the biggest Chihuahuas from scoring and from start to finish, they did exactly that.  Our strong defense gave us a chance to win every game this season, but it came up extra strong in this big game. We would still need to score and in a stunner, Oguz Aghayev would hit the first bucket of the game and we lead 2-0 after the first. The second quarter was equally surprising for our offense, as Ryan Lim hit twice to give us a 6-1 lead going into the third.  Oguz had never scored before this season and Ryan had never played basketball in his life until he moved here from Korea 3 months ago, so when those two combine for 6 points, you know this day is yours. Still, these Chihuahuas were 7-1 for good reason and we needed some insurance scores. Those came in the third when Vitalina and Grace Samy splashed to give us a 10-1 lead and the kid’s champagne was put on ice.  The Chihuahuas would score again to keep us worried, but our defense wasn’t going to allow a comeback on this day. Although Rosalina Storstein, Mariama Belew, and Kai Badat didn’t score on this day, they played excellent defense that helped lead us to the ​championship. After coaching about 20 teams at the Y, I can honestly say that none showed as much improvement from start to finish as these 10 wonderful kids. They earned this championship.  Submitted by Coach Rick Moncher

Scheflen Family affair:  Bantam Wiley and Rookie Rhys each earned Player of the Game honors on the same night.  Photo by Sarah Scheflen


The Spaniels are all in, to celebrate winning the Bantam League Championship.  Photo by Pia O’Brien

The Spaniels and Corgies faced off at the Championship Game for the Bantam division this past Sunday. Both teams have improved greatly over the course of the season and were ready for action. The game was a hotly contested battle as the teams stayed within points of each other the entire time. Ultimately it came down to foul shots. For the Corgies, Sammy sunk two unbelievable shots temporarily putting the Corgies in the lead only to be rebuffed by the Spaniels. Ultimately there was no victor as the teams came to draw for the Championship Game but the season went to the Spaniels who were in the overall lead and the Corgies were satisfied with their second place finish. It was truly an exciting game and the talent and sportsmanship on display were commendable. Well done players!  Submitted by Coach Caroline Byfield

The Corgies Sammy Levi nailed both his free throws to help the Corgies tie the Spaniels in the “A” tournament championship final.  Photo by Jennifer McDonnell

“A” 3rd place game between the Beagles and Shelties.  Photos by Oscar Bolaños

Cassius Taylor was “Player of the Game” in the Bassets victory over the Scotties.  Photo by Dominic Taylor
The Pinschers Brendan Still shoots over the Schnauzers defense.  Photo by David Still

The “B” tournament final was a matchup of non-bitter rivals, the Pinschers vs the Schnauzers, two teams that are all friends with each other.  This turned out to be a very exciting game full of momentum changes as the teams would exchange buckets. Michael Mikhail led the Pinschers in scoring, Ryan Drew contributed a basket, Shai Painter and Jenson Montague grabbed multiple rebounds.  Leo Epstein led the Schnauzers in scoring, and Vaughn Elliott led in rebounding. In the end, with the scored tied at 12-12. The Schnauzers Miles Franklin and Theo Richards hit free throws to give their team the victory. Then everyone went to the lobby for snacks, drinks, and laughs.  Final: Schnauzers 15, Pinschers 12. Submitted by DocDrew

“B” championship action between the Pinschers and Schnauzers.  Photos by Apolonia Drew
Sibling rivalry between sister Alex “Ladybug” Zelenovic and brother River Zelenovic.  Photo by Melissa Zelenovic

It was the main event of Tuesday evening, the Bantam kids vs the Elders.  Energy was high, and the atmosphere was electric, as the battle began. The Elders composed of parents and siblings of the Bantam players, displayed good passing, and jumped out to the early lead.  Some of the parents displayed amazing skills, with Dan Siegler nailing three pointers, and Apolonia Drew making a LeBron James spin move to make a shot, leaving a few Bantam players on the floor, and then following up with a Steph Curry swish from the outside a minute later.  But with all the fine shooting and dribbling skills of the Elders, it just could not match the intensity of the Bantam kids, who severely out rebounded the older generation, and put many of those rebounds back into the bucket. The Bantams were led by Players of the Game: Wiley Scheflen, Daisy Siegler, and Rookie sensation Colson Moore.  For the first time in a long time, all eleven Bantam players scored a bucket, a rare feat. In the end, when the Bantams put their teamwork skills together, they prevailed with a 62-50 victory. Submitted by DocDrew

Triple threat:  Bantam vs Elders “”Players of the Game” Wiley Scheflen, Daisy Siegler, and Colson Moore.  Photo by Lisa Demsky
Bantams vs Elders.  Photos by Apolonia Drew

The Scotties closed out the Spring season with a spirited high scoring tournament game against the Bassets. Both teams played hard on both ends of the court and even though the Bassets jumped out to an early lead our Scotties refused to quit. Veteran Ben Steelman continued his great all around play with 4 clutch points as well as 9 rebounds and 2 steals. Dylan Kravitz added 4 points and 6 rebounds, and Teddy Chang added a late free throw for his first point of the season. But the highlight of the game and the season was Alan Larkin, playing his final YMCA game before moving back to New York, getting the ball with 5 seconds left, dribbling past halfcourt, and banking in a long 3 pointer to end the game . All the kids and parents could not have been more excited and happy for Alan. Thanks to all the parents and players for a great Spring season.  Submitted by Coach Bill Kravitz

Drawing by Scottie player Dylan Kravitz


BFFs aka the “Pointer” sisters Priya Mevasse and Olivia Duarte are all smiles after winning the Minor League championship.  Photo by Dinora Duarte
Isabella Van Bilderbeek and Macy Zelenovic were able to get there on time to help their team, the Pointers, win the “A” Championship game.  Photos by Melissa Zelenovic

Minor League Championship game:  The Pointers played the Akitas in a very competitive match. The results were decided in the final moments of the game.  Both teams played great defense. Both teams were focused and capitalized on turnovers. In the end – Pointers won 26-22. The Pointers won both the tournament games to end the season.  Submitted by Coach Elan Mevasse

Nate Blum, pictured with his grandfather Tak Nakamura, was instrumental in the victory and was awarded Player of the Game.  Photo by Linda Nakamura
Collies celebrate a fun season.  Photo by Beth Scholze

Whippets vs. Labs 6-8-19:  The number 4 Whippets and the number 3 Labs took the court for the final time in Spring. The first half didn’t disappoint. Both teams played aggressively with London Coleman, Asher Eng, Jarvis Wakefield, and Cam Pariser leading the Whippet  offense in a vicious dogfight which ended both the 1st quarter and the half with a tied up score. The teams were well matched giving fans quite a show of strong defense, good ball movement, picks and hustle. However, the second half heat of this Saturday Night Fever quickly turned into a headache for the Whippets as the leash came off the Labs’ best in breed 1st grader James Cook who went on a 12 point second half run sealing his team’s win.  Thank you coordinators, coaches, fans and players for a really fun and exciting Minor’s season! Submitted by Craig Pariser

“A” Tournament 3rd place game between the Whippets and Labs.  Photos by Josh Wakefield
Photos of the “A” tournament final between the Akitas and the Pointers


The Mastiffs Rama Karimi takes it to the hoop against the Danes in the “B” tournament championship game.

“Let it roll, baby roll”. Hot on the heels of their first win last week, the Mastiffs continued to roll in the B championship game. The full court press caused problems for the Danes early and the Mastiffs were able to capitalize and jump out to an early commanding lead. Ariadni Potamianos had another big night on the offensive boards and was able to put up 14 points (all in the paint). The ball movement was great early in the game with Zico Muldoon, Ari P, and Nathan Norman all filling up the assist bucket with some nice ball movement. Jonathan Shu and Elliott Wechsler always seemed to be open and took advantage of the ball movement with a combined night of 15 points (6 and 9 points respectively). However as commanding as the lead was, complacency set in towards the end the first half and the Danes finished very strong with a run of 10 points. Eli Eng, Griffen Pine and Lorenzo Stabilini all featured prominently in the Danes big run. The Mastiffs started the second half tentatively and it was not until Cy Backen (12 points) and Rama Karimi (6 points) were able to assert themselves on the game that created a significant points cushion heading into the fourth. Nazir Henley had another good defensive night using his long reach to be as disruptive as possible. Once again Griffen Pine tried to keep the Danes close with a spectacular score towards the end of the third. Overall a great team performance helped the Mastiffs close out the game winners. All of those big old mastiff dogs got on the scoreboard a testament to their willingness to share the ball.  Submitted by Coach Conor Muldoon

“B” Championship action between the Mastiffs and the Danes.  Photos by Louis Yansen

Saturday, Greyhounds over Malamutes 52-31:  With these two teams having equal records at tip-off, the winner here would finish alone in third place among the eight teams in Majors.  The game went back-and-forth throughout the first half, as they outscored us 16-10 in the first quarter and we outscored them 13-7 in the second quarter to lead to a 23-23 tie at the half.  Our Greyhounds would out-run and out-shoot the Malamutes 42-15 after the first quarter; including 29-8 in the second half. Evan Daghighian had the hot hand for us all game and finished with a game-high 23, as he hit his full array of shots.  Timosha Moncher had 8 points and at least that many steals, as our full-court man-to-man defense gave them trouble at various spots throughout the game. Amir Jahromi had his best all-around game this season as he had a career-high 10 points and at least a dozen rebounds.  Jason Tun matched his stellar defensive effort with 9 points and Guy Carter hit a big shot as part of our run in the third quarter that helped put the game away. Oliver Ghiassi had another solid all-around game and Jonathan Lin showed exceptional effort and intensity. Overall, it was a successful season with all the boys showing improvement.  We went 6-0 against all the other “smaller” teams and went 0-3 against the two bigger teams. This was an excellent group of boys that got along together very well and it was a pleasure to coach them. Submitted by Coach Rick Moncher

Major League Championship Game Sunday, June 9, 2019, 6:40pm – Shepherds vs Boxers

It was the final game of the season. A close match-up, both teams 7-1-0, but the Shepherds in first place having defeated the Boxers in their first tense match-up. The long-anticipated final game did not disappoint the large crowd of spectators.

The Boxers showed up with only five players, which can prove beneficial to have the whole squad melding throughout the game – as long as they all have the stamina to go the distance, and can avoid fouling out. The Shepherds had their full roster of nine players on the bench at the start of the game, with a surprise return of Eli Levi after he suffered a knee sprain during the previous weekend’s game.

The Shepherds finished the first quarter 10 points strong above the Boxers single basket. Eli Levi contributed 5 points, Michael Hanasab dropped a 3-pointer, and Steven Petramale and Xailoh Hermosillo each dropped a bucket for 2 points. But the game had only just begun.

The second quarter seemed to be a different ball game with the Boxers having warmed-up. At the end of the first half, the Sheps continued their lead 22-14. This round it was Hanasab that scored 5, with Jesse Lister and Levi adding another 2 points each. Levi got fouled on a shot and added another point from the free-throw line as the game went to half-time.

The biggest challenge for the Shepherds came in the third quarter with Lister managing to get the only shot in during regulation, with an assist from Hermosillo. The Boxers stepped up their offense in this quarter and kept the Shepherds busy on the defense. Hanasab, Levi, Lister and Abel Antal each racked up numerous boards, with some key steals coming from Petramale and Hermosillo.

The Boxers took a big hit in the fourth quarter when one of their players fouled out, leaving a shorted 4-member squad on the floor. They still managed to score 5 points during regulation play, but didn’t have the strength to defend against the 5-player team of Shepherds. Though it was the lowest scoring quarter for the Shepherds, they still got 10 points through the net. Hanasab dropped 2 buckets from behind the 3-point line and Levi scored two more field goals. Orlando Sandoval, Matthew Hanasab, and Robert Sierra all continued to give great support on both ends of the court.

Regulation score was a cool 34-26 at the buzzer with Shepherds in the lead. But- as is often the case in our talented major league games- the final outcome came down to the post-game free throws. The Shepherds’ Eli Levi was first at the line with 6 shots. He managed to slip in 5, bringing his team’s total up to 39 points. The Boxers racked up shot-fouls as well as 1-and-1 in the bonus. In all, they had a total of 11 free throws – giving them a chance to take the championship. Alas, they did well at the line grabbing 8 of 11, but it was not enough to take down the Shepherds, with a final score of 39-34. This was a tense game, hard fought to the end, with both teams giving it their all. The fans were not disappointed!

Congratulations to all members of the Shepherds for an outstanding season and for winning the Spring 2019 Major League Championship! Big Thanks to the dedication and passion of Head Coach David Levi and assistant coach Luke Woodward.  Submitted by Wendy Hermosillo

“A” Championship game action between the Boxers and Shepherds.  Photos by Louis Yansen

The Boxers faced the Shepherds on Sunday evening for the Major League Championship.  With several players sick or injured, the Boxers started the game with just six players.  Two minutes into the game, Hunter Esposito-Doi exited with an injured foot, leaving the Boxers with just five.  Led by Eli Levi, the Shepherds built a 15-point lead in the first half. The Boxers battled back to tie the game 24-24 by the end of the third.  Cecilia Casas played her best game this season, pulling down several rebounds, setting solid picks, getting open and scoring a couple baskets. Quest Miller had a strong game on both ends of the court, but he fouled out with about 5 minutes left in the game.  The Boxers played with four players for one minute until Hunter re-enter the game. Dom Kajota carried the team on his back in the final minutes, driving to the basket and getting fouled repeatedly. But the Boxers couldn’t contain Eli down the stretch. The Shepherds were up by 10 at the end of regulation.  A player from the Boxers accidentally collided with Eli on the final play of the game, hurting Eli’s foot. Undaunted, Eli sank 5 of 6 free throws. That proved to be the difference in the game, as the Boxers lost 39-34 after making 10 free throws. The Boxers gave it their all but came up short this time. Congratulations to the Shepherds on their Championship season!  Submitted by Coach Jonathan Wray

This Week’s Profile

Each week, Swish has a profile of a coach, player, or someone in the program who inspires all of us involved in Santa Monica YMCA basketball.  

This week’s profile is the Cappiccille family.  Father David has been a coach for many seasons at the Santa Monica YMCA for his son Parker, and will be coaching his son Logan this summer.  David has also coached other youth sports in Santa Monica. Mother Thea is heavily involved with the local community in helping to raise money for Santa Monica schools, and corralling her two boys, well if you count David, make it three.  Parker is amazing athlete who excels in basketball and soccer, and is currently playing in the Minors. Logan is a member of the newly crowned Bantam champion Spaniels.

DocDrew:  What do you enjoy most about playing basketball at the Santa Monica YMCA?

Logan:  playing with my friends and blocking shots

Parker: having my dad coach me and playing basketball with my friends

DocDrew:  What are your most memorable moments in your basketball career at the Santa Monica YMCA?

Logan: playing in a championship game today (Sunday)

Parker: being on teams with my friends and winning an important game by making free throws.

DocDrew:  Who are your favorite players and why?

Logan:  Stephen Curry, he’s the best

Parker:  Stephen Curry, he plays defense, offense, and never misses a free throw!

DocDrew:  What do you enjoy most about having your children play basketball at the Santa Monica YMCA?  

Thea and David: the basketball program at the Y is unlike anything else. The kids are encouraged, developed and supported in a warm and nurturing environment. While it is competitive, you will find the kids from opposing teams out in the lobby having a snack together after an intense game, chatting away after they were playing against each other only a few minutes earlier! We have made such great friends with so many parents and our kids have developed strong friendships as well.

Cappiccille family:  Parker, David, Thea, and Logan

Special thanks to the Cappiccille family for all their support and help to the youth basketball program and the local community.  Their family helps to make the Santa Monica YMCA strong and respectable.




Bassets 27, Scotties 18


Shelties 15, Beagles 20


Chihuahuas 11, Doxies 4

Pugs 16, Yorkies 24


Dobies 34, Airedales 60


Malamutes 31, Greyhounds 52


Wolfhounds 35, Collies 20


Whippets 20, Labs 32



Terriers 18, Maltese 18


Chihuahuas 6, Yorkies 10


Schnauzers 15, Pinschers 12


Spaniels 18, Corgies 18


Setters 22, Dalmatians 32


Pointers 26, Akitas 22


Mastiffs 55, Danes 44


Shepherds 39, Boxers 34


Rookie Pugs 20, All-Stars 7





Teams are awarded 5 points for a win, 3 points for a tie, 1 point for a loss, 0 points for a forfeit.  Tournament games have greater point value. Teams are listed in their place in the standings with W-L-T and team points.

Yorkies 6-1-2, 40 points #League Champions# *Yorkies were 2-0-0 vs the Chihuahuas

Chihuahuas 7-2-0, 40 points

Maltese 5-3-1, 32 points *one loss by forfeit

Terriers 3-4-2, 26 points

Doxies 3-4-2, 25  points

Pugs 1-9-0, 14 points                   

Spaniels 7-1-1, 42 points #League Champions#

Corgies 5-3-1, 34 points            

Beagles 5-4-0, 31 points

Bassets 4-4-1, 27 points

Schnauzers 4-5-0, 26 points

Shelties 3-5-1, 25 points

Pinschers 3-5-1, 24 points

Scotties 3-6-0, 21 points   

Pointers 8-1-0, 44 points #League Champions#

Labs 7-2-0, 39 points

Akitas 6-3-0, 36 points             

Whippets 4-3-2, 31 points                                

Setters 3-5-1, 24 points

Dalmatians 3-6-0, 22 points    

Wolfhounds 2-7-0, 17 points *Better record(1-1) against the Setters.  

Collies 2-7-0, 17 points *(0-1) against the Setters   
Shepherds 8-1-0, 44 points     #League Champions#
Boxers 7-2-0, 40 points                
Greyhounds 6-3-0, 35 points
Malamutes 5-4-0, 31 points    
Danes 3-6-0, 22 points
Dobies 3-6-0, 21 points               
Airedales 2-7-0, 17 points
Mastiffs 2-7-0, 18 points               

Upcoming schedule

All games are played in the gymnasium of the Santa Monica YMCA







4:20 PM        MINOR VS MAJORS





1:00 PM        BANTAM LEAGUE

3:00 PM        MINOR LEAGUE

5:00 PM         MAJOR LEAGUE


Thank you very much,

Dr. Paul Drew, youth basketball coordinator at the Santa Monica YMCA,  editor and publisher of Swish

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Skip the Lines and Save Time – Your Guide to Early Voting Options  In preparation for the upcoming 2024 Presidential...

Iconic Venice Beach Sculpture and Landmark to be Removed, Returned to Artist’s Property

February 27, 2024

February 27, 2024

Since the Money, Effort or Desire to Purchase the Piece Appears to Not Be There, the Artist Wants It Back...

(Video) Heartfelt candlelight vigils in Westchester and West Hollywood for Nex Benedict

February 27, 2024

February 27, 2024

The non-binary 16 year old student with Choctaw ancestry died in Owasso, Oklahoma after being beaten by three older high...

Sweet Lady Jane Sparks Hope of Return – Popular Bakery Hints at Reopening Across LA

February 27, 2024

February 27, 2024

After Abrupt Closures, Beloved Bakery Hints at a Comeback, Leaving Fans Intrigued  Sweet Lady Jane, a Los Angeles cake bakery...

Waymo’s LA Expansion Hits Roadblock: CPUC Temporarily Halts Self-Driving Company’s Plans

February 26, 2024

February 26, 2024

California Public Utilities Commission suspends Waymo’s service expansion for 120 days. California’s Public Utilities Commission (CPUC) has put a temporary...