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DocDrew’s Swish Issue 9, Volume 5

By Dr. Paul Drew

Welcome to the ninth issue of volume five of Swish, a weekly periodical with recaps and photos of Santa Monica YMCA youth basketball games, and other pertinent info such as announcements and updates from the program.

The regular season has finished for all divisions, and tournaments are now going on.  This past weekend had exciting tournament action, and determined who will be playing for the tourney championships in each division come next weekend.  Keep in mind that the league championship is not based on who wins their division tournament, but in overall points earned through the entire season. Tournament games have greater point value depending on which level the match is played.  It’s very possible for a team to lose their season ending tournament, but still be the league champs based on most overall points.

The Winter season of youth basketball has filled up very quickly;  however, we are still accepting registrations for the waitlist. Registration forms for the Winter season are available at the front desk of the Santa Monica YMCA.

In honor of having the Los Angeles Lakers Youth Foundation partnering with the Santa Monica YMCA youth basketball program, I have a series of articles about the history of the Los Angeles Lakers in the Swish.  I now present part three of the series.

History of the Los Angeles Lakers

1968–1975: The Baylor/West/Chamberlain trio

Wilt Chamberlain played for Los Angeles for five seasons during the late 1960s and early 1970s. He was an integral part of their 1971–72 team that is considered one of the best in NBA history.

It had become clear that the Lakers needed to counter the great Celtics center, Bill Russell, and thus Cooke obtained Wilt Chamberlain from the Philadelphia 76ers, hoping to supplement the aging and ailing Baylor. The move seemed at first to have worked, as the 1969 Lakers proceeded to compile a better record than the Celtics behind Chamberlain’s league leading 21.1 rebounds per game. The two clubs met once again in the NBA Finals, but for the first time the Lakers had the advantage as they were clearly considered the better team entering the series by most observers. However, they once again failed to top their rivals and the Celtics emerged from the series as victorious yet again, winning their 11th NBA Championship in 13 seasons. That 1969 championship series is also notable in that Jerry West was named the first-ever Finals MVP; this remains the only time that a member of the losing team has won the award.

1970 saw Jerry West win the NBA scoring title at 31.2 points per game, and the Lakers returned to the Finals where, for the first time since moving to Los Angeles, they did not have to face the Celtics. This time it was the New York Knicks, a team which included future Lakers coach Phil Jackson. West made a memorable 60-foot shot as the fourth-quarter buzzer sounded in Game 3, forcing that game into overtime and helping West earn the nickname “Mr. Clutch”. However, the Knicks recovered from what might have seemed a crushing blow and took the game in overtime.

In Game 5, Knicks center Willis Reed tore a muscle in his leg and it looked as if he would not play again in the series. However, the Knicks found a way to win Game 5 without him. Afterward, the Lakers took Game 6 to force a seventh and final game back in New York. With everyone speculating as to his status for the game, Reed created one of the most memorable moments in NBA history as he came out of the Madison Square Garden tunnel and onto the court to start Game 7. To the roar of the crowd, Reed scored the first two baskets and the Knicks were off and running. Reed left the game for good at halftime, but the inspired Knicks already had 24-point lead at that point, and went on to rout the Lakers. It was Los Angeles’ seventh NBA Finals failure in the last nine years.

The next year would not be the Lakers’ year either. Baylor played in only two games due to injuries, and the Milwaukee Bucks, led by Lew Alcindor (now Kareem Abdul-Jabbar), defeated Los Angeles in the Western Conference Finals. That year, however, did see the Laker debut of their future coach, Pat Riley.

No one could have foreseen the team’s domination the next season, however. Bill Sharman had been installed as the new head coach, and on the afternoon of November 9, 1971, just nine games into the season, the legendary Elgin Baylor retired, finally accepting that his injuries would no longer allow him to play professional basketball. That very evening, the Lakers proceeded to win the first game of what would turn out to be a 33-game winning streak; the streak was snapped with a loss to the Bucks on January 9, 1972. The streak shattered the previous NBA record of 20 consecutive victories, which happened to have been set by the Bucks the year before. To this day, the Lakers’ 33-game winning streak remains the longest winning streak in the history of any major North American professional sports.

The Lakers set another record in 1972 by winning 69 games; this mark would stand for nearly a quarter of a century. Los Angeles led the league in scoring, rebounds, and assists, and Sharman was named Coach of the Year. Chamberlain led the NBA in field goal percentage and rebounding, and West led the NBA in assists. Not only that, but the Lakers at long last shook the monkey off their back, conquering the Knicks in the 1972 NBA Finals to claim their first NBA title since 1954 and their first since moving to Los Angeles.

The Lakers would fall to the Knicks in the Finals in 1973, and Chamberlain, who had set a record for field-goal percentage that year, making 72.7% of his shots, announced his retirement. West followed suit a year after that and the Lakers bottomed out in 1975, finishing 30–52 and failing to make the playoffs for the first time in 17 years.


Bluesbreakers after victory over the Animals.  Photo by Lina Quibrera 

YARDBIRDS BATTLE A VASTLY IMPROVED RASCALS TEAM — November 6th. Tournament play was fun and focused for everyone involved, and our team was so impressed by how far the Rascals have come, since we faced off the first game of the season. The Rascals stole the ball better, rebounded the ball better, and scored the ball better–They and their coaches have a lot to be proud of. The Yardbirds were able to persevere because our player development was also in play. Down some of our best players, Drew Nelson stepped up with 3 key steals, Oliver Harris had a key rebound & basket, and Jake Silvera was absolutely awesome with 1 block, 4 steals, 6 rebounds and a basket. This was also a Rookie League MVP statement game for Richard Haro–12 points, 6 rebounds, 7 steals, 1 assist and 1 block. Final score thanks to Richard’s leadership and his teammates’ efforts: 16-8.  Submitted by Coach Pete Harris

The Yardbirds James Haro dribbling against the Rascals defense.  Photo by junior photographer Scarlett Harris

YARDBIRDS SURVIVE A VERY IMPRESSIVE ZOMBIE ATTACK — November 17th. The Zombies are another team in the Rookie League that has clearly, vastly improved. They played hard the whole game, and broke through with 2 very cool baskets in the second half. Our kids are improving too. Zoe Nikolette Orlandou got her first steal, and took her very first shot. Ari Cummings had 2 steals and a rebound. Rex Stone scored for the first time! As for our key core, Oliver Harris has scored in 5 straight now, while Jake Silvera and Dylan Geary also displayed great consistency with scoring and rebounding. August Richane gave us 5 big rebounds, 3 steals and 1 block. Arya Nawathe had perhaps his best game of the season with 5 rebounds, 3 steals and 2 points. And Richard Haro was on fire once again with 6 points, 5 steals and 3 rebounds. Heck, he even helped his little brother, James score for the first time too! Up and down this roster, teammates are contributing, supporting one another and feeling great heading into the Championship Game. Final score: 18-4.  Submitted by Coach Pete Harris

Action between the Bluesbreakers and the Animals.  Photo by Lina Quibrera 

Game Summary – Bluesbreakers vs Animals:  The Bluesbreakers got their first taste of Playoff Basketball will a 1st round matchup against the Animals.  Based on the last time these teams squared off, this game promised to be a tough one.  

Much of the first half was a defensive battle with each team playing solid defense and rebounding the basketball.  Arayan Abjani was strong on the boards with 6 rebounds while battling the Animals’ frontcourt on every possession. Miles Smith came up with a nifty steal in the second quarter to help get the ball back for his team.  Both teams went back and forth for the first 16 minutes scoreless until Joaquin Jimenez stepped up big for the Bluesbreakers and drained 2 free throws at halftime to break the scoring drought. Joaquin finished with 2 points, 2 rebounds, and 1 steal to go with his well-deserved Player of the Game honors.  

Up 2-0 to begin the 2nd half, more defense was needed. Siddanth Khanna and Zeke Sarr made big plays on the defensive end to keep the lead.  Siddanth pulled down 2 big rebounds and Zeke played excellent interior defense and also grabbed a couple of rebounds. After sitting out a few minutes with a sore knee, Stellan Haberli got back into the game and into the scoring column with 2 baskets to put the Blues up by 4 points.  Stellan finished with 4 points, 2 rebounds, and 3 steals. More stoic defense down the stretch kept the margin at 4 points. Final Score: Bluesbreakers 6 – Animals 2. Submitted by Coach Charles Ellinwood

Coach Charles Ellinwood watches his Bluesbreakers take on the Zombies 

Bluesbreakers 6 – Animals 2.  The Animals came up short in a close Semi-final matchup against the Bluesbreakers, who were just relentless. Keanu Straughter put up a valiant effort grabbing 4 rebounds, 2 blocked shots, and 4 steals. Weston Brea also had a great game on the rebounds with 5 and Jason Gaines had one of his best defensive games getting 5 rebounds and a steal. Mickey Zhang came alive with 3 steals on defense, his best performance of the season.  Submitted by Jason Moore

Yardbirds vs Rascals, referee Mike Thompson helps direct traffic.

Game Summary – Bluesbreakers vs Turtles:  The second round of the play-offs pitted the Bluesbreakers against the Turtles.  Riding momentum from Saturday’s game, Zeke Sarr and Stellan Haberli got the scoring started with a basket each in the first quarter. Joaquin Jimenez was strong on defense all game long. Not to be outdone, Joaquin even went coast to coast after a defensive rebound to score a runner in the lane during the 2nd quarter.  Joaquin finished the game with 2 points, 2 rebounds and 2 steals. Arayam Abjani pulled down 2 rebounds in the first half and played excellent defense against the Turtles. Qiao Ren made some nice passes to her teammates and even brought the ball up the court to start the offensive attack. At the halftime break, Stellan added 2 free throws to put the Blues up 8 to 3.    

The 2nd half started with more defense as both squads look to make adjustments.  Arayam Abjani picked up where he left off and grabbed 4 huge rebounds in the 3rd quarter.  Arayam finished the game with 6 rebounds and was a total defensive presence the whole game. Joaquin Jimenez came up with another steal to ignite a fast-break.  Stellan Haberli added his 3rd basket of the game to extend the lead. Stellan finished 8 points, 3 rebounds, and 1 steal. Efe Gocen got in on the action with a couple of near steals and some good passes to his teammates as well.

The Turtles made some plays in the 4th quarter as the game started heating up.  A couple of shooting fouls were called for the Turtles, and Nevoh Zach got free from the defense and drained a baseline jumper from the left side to make the score 12 – 5.  Momentum looked like it was starting to shift. Zeke Sarr stepped up big in the 4th quarter with some huge hustle plays. He pulled down 2 rebounds and grabbed 2 steals in the quarter to seize the flow of the game back.  Finishing with 2 points, 5 rebounds, and 3 steals; Zeke Sarr earned the first Player of the Game honors of his career. Final Score: Bluesbreakers 12 – Turtles 7. Submitted by Coach Charles Ellinwood

Culver-Palms YMCA U8 vs the Santa Monica Stars

Animals 18 Rascals 6.  The Animals came out strong on Sunday November 24th to clinch third place and finish out the season strong. Player of the Game Colson Moore led the Animals to a 18 to 6 victory over the Rascals. These teams played three exciting games this season and the Rascals always came out fighting. With this solid victory, the Animals finished above .500 with a 5-4 record for the fall season.  

Colson came out strong for the season ender with 8 points, 6 rebounds, and a steal which Colson took across the court for a basket.  

Mariama Belew and Keanu Straughter both had solid performances. Keanu scored 4 points and grabbed 2 boards. Mariama had another great game with 6 points and relentless defense getting 4 steals. 

Elliot Israels had one of his best games on the boards getting 3. Weston Bren helped his team get possession of the ball and played awesome defense with 4 rebounds, 1 assist, and 1 steal. Jason Gaines also had 2 rebounds. Zayn Al-Shaw also contributed to the impressive rebounding performance with 4 boards and also got a steal.  Submitted by Coach Christian Straughter 

Rascals vs Animals
Player of the Game, the Animals Colson Moore with his coach Christian Straughter. Photos by Lisa Demsky 


Santa Monica YMCA vs Culver/Palms YMCA in U10 action at Culver Middle School.  Photos by Apolonia Drew

The Santa Monica YMCA was invited to play against an U10 Culver/Palms YMCA team at the Culver Middle School.  The Santa Monica YMCA put on an amazing show of teamwork and sportsmanship in which all 6 players for Santa Monica scored points in the game, had steals, rebounds, and displayed exceptional passing and defense.  Great job of coaching by Luke Woodward with Bill Kravitz assisting. Thanks to players Dylan Kravitz, Theo Richards, Nicholas Rangel, Jacopo Stabilini, Rayan Etemadnia, and Dominic Drew for representing the Santa Monica YMCA.  Submitted by DocDrew

Thrilling action in the A semi final between the Cars and the Heartbreakers 

The Revolution prevailed in their semi-final matchup against a tough Beat side, with the Beat making a second-half run that threatened to tie it up late but the Revolution outlasting to prevail 19-10. Alden Wong rebound and a clutch free throw. Axel Trussler, who could only play the first half due to multi-sport commitments, chipped in two points on a play where he drew a foul and got to the line. Benjamin Saunders was again a monster on the boards grabbing eight as well as an assist. Jonathan Watson had a nice all around game with great defense and two points, an assist and a rebound. Brooks Stuber stepped up big with two points,  three boards and two steals, and Rhys Scheflen kept possessions alive with seven rebounds. Wiley Scheflen, was a rebound machine helped with ten rebounds, two points, two steals and an assist. Alex Ma contributed on both ends with a well-rounded four points, four rebounds and a steal. Player of the Game honoree Elliot Ma posted six rebounds and six points, including four clutch points late in the fourth quarter. The Revolution face the Cars for the first place title on Sunday! Submitted by Coach Sarah Scheflen

Tip-off: Jackson Harper vs. Axel Trussler.
Atticus Sparks from the Beat squaring up for a jump-shot, defended by Alex Ma and Alden Wong.
Rhys Scheflen running point, setting up the offense.
Elliot Ma, Player of the Game with one of his many shots from far range.
Alden Wong sinks one of two free throws to cap off the 19-10 win over the Beat.
Awesome sportsmanship by both sides.
The Revolution team posing with Player of the Game, Elliot Ma.  From left to right: Alex Ma, Brooks Stuber, Wiley Scheflen, Elliot Ma, Rhys Scheflen, Benji Saunders, Alden Wong, Jonathan Watson.

All photos and captions courtesy of Brian Wong

Runaways take on the Pretenders in B Bantam tournament action 

Police Lose a Hard Fought Battle Against the Bosses 17 – 16.  The Police played their first of two games Saturday, November 23, against a tough Bosses offense. The Bosses came out strong in the first half, leading by 10 – 2 at one point. The Police came alive in the second half and never gave up! The inspiring effort brought the game to 17-15. Brandon Israels was able to bring the game to 17-16 with an end of game free throw. 

Jaxton Moore and Theo Richards led a second half blitz that brought the Police within striking distance. Jaxton had 6 points, all in the second half, two of which came after exciting steals and a breakaway. Jaxton came on strong in defense with 2 blocks, 2 steals, and had a rebound. Theo also had 6 points, 3 steals, and 2 rebounds. 

Tristan Hayes came on strong on offense and defense in the team’s attempted comeback. Tristan had 4 points, and a solid game across the numbers with 3 rebounds, 2 steals, and 1 assist. Logan Capicillo came on strong with 2 blocks and 4 rebounds. Nick Varo also grabbed 3 rebounds and had an assist. Roman Gabriel came on strong in the second half with a steal. Ryan Drew also had a rebound and a steal, and was all over the place on defense. The defense in the last three quarters kept this game close.  Submitted by Jason Moore

Bosses vs Police in B tournament action

Bantam Police vs Runaways.  In their final game of the fall season, the all Girl-power Runaways sought revenge on the Police who got them earlier in the season.  The Runaways brought it hard from the jump scoring 8 quick unanswered points. The Police fought, but the size and determination of the Runaway girls were out-rebounding the Police boys and shooting the ball very well.  The results, well, the Runaway got their revenge and “ran away” with the W for their season ender besting the Police 15-9. That said, the Police didn’t go quietly…some highlights for them were:

Logan Cappiccille with easily his best defensive game of the season doing everything this 1st grader could do to ward off the feisty Runaways – Cappiccille totaled 5 blocks, 4 rebounds, 4 steals, and 1 assist.  Theo Richards led the Police with 5 points, an impressive 6 steals & 6 rebounds, 3 blocks, and an assist. Ryan Drew grabbed 3 rebounds, dropped a long jumper for 2 points, had 1 block, and 1 steal. Tristan Hayes had 2 points, 2 rebounds, 2 steals, and a block.  Nick Varo pulled down 4 boards, and snagged a steal. Jaxton Moore had 2 rebounds, a steal and a block. Brandon Israels had a rebound, a block, and a steal. Roman Gabriel had 3 rebounds. Jackson Garrett had a rebound and worked with Xander Zhou on defense. Submitted by Coach Holden Hayes

Police vs Runaways.  Photos by Lisa Demsky
The Pretenders Brenden Still was player of the game for his two big fourth quarter baskets.  Photo by David Still

Bosses over The Police:  The fans were treated to a very exciting battle as the season approaches the end.  Our Bosses took a stunning 8-0 lead after the first quarter, as Ryan Lim was pure fire with 6 points as part of his game-high and season-high 8 points.  The Police would not stop fighting and inched closer as the game progressed. Davis Forkner hit solo buckets in each of the first three quarters to keep the Bosses in constant leads of 4-6 points going into the final quarter.

Although we played excellent defense, The Police caught fire with 8 points in the final quarter and the fans were on edge as the thrilling final minute clicked down.  Vitalina Moncher hit a huge bucket in the 4th, as did Ryan Lim, but The Police had 2 buckets rim-out in the final minute to save us in a 17-16 win. In addition to the usual strong defense and inside presence of Ryan, Davis, and Vitalina; the Bosses got excellent contributions from Kai Badat (who hit a key free throw at the half), Mason Alvarez, Aaron Dyner, and Evelia Brea.  Submitted by Coach Rick Moncher

11/23/19.  Santa Monica YMCA vs Culver Palms YMCA under 10 team at Culver Middle School.


The Wonders Jason Tun was lighting up the scoreboard with multiple three pointers, on his way to earning Player of the Game honors.  Photo by Rit Tun

Clovers vs. Drifters:  The Clovers closed out the regular season with a perfect 7-0 record beating a very determined and rebounded minded Drifters 35-25. Hats off to Ryan Chambers who scorched the Clovers with 15 points including a 3-pointer and TJ Tuner who pulled down a game-high 11 boards. The game was close throughout until the Clovers fine-tuned their pitch in the 4th quarter and pulled out the W.

The Clovers were guided by the steady play of Player of the Game, Leo Sikora – Sikora’s aggressive D led to a game high 5 steals to compliment his 5 points, 3 rebounds and 3 assists. Although Jonathan Shu had a quiet scoring affair with 6 points, he pulled down a team-high 10 boards against a tall and physical Drifters front line.

Ryan Schuster was next in scoring with 7 points and was assertive on the glass with 7 boards. Henry Olivier played his usual steady game with 6 points, 4 boards and 2 Steels and manned the “4 position” like a true middle linebacker.

Rayan Etemadi hit a season high 4 points and vigorously covered the perimeter with 3 steals while Dominic Drew brought his high energy and enthusiasm and snatched 2 steals.  Patrick Chiang and Aidan Man bodied up against the Drifter’s post players and combined for 6 rebounds and emphatically protected the paint.

The Clovers sorely missed the leadership and assertive play of the SMASH brothers, Rowan Booher and Leo Mooney and look forward to having fresh and ready to go for the playoffs. Submitted by Coach Jonathan Schuster

The Whispers Marko Zelenovic looks to drive to the hoop
The Clovers Rayan Etemadnia penetrates the Whispers defense
The Clovers Leo Mooney controls the action
The Whispers Ness Uskert is on target with his shot.  Photos by Apolonia Drew

In the first round of the Minors A bracket, the Clovers prevailed 28-20 over a very determined Whispers team. Although the Clovers improved their record to 8-0, the game was heavily contested well into the 2nd half.

The Clovers had no answer for the Whispers Justin Tun who posted 12 points, 3 rebounds and 2 steals– He consistently attacked the Clovers trap and hit some beautiful floaters from inside the key.

On the Clovers side, Player of the Game, Jonathan Shu-time was virtually unstoppable posting a season high 16 points to go along with 4 boards 4 blocks and a steal. Shu accounted for more than half of the Clovers points total.

Both Dominic Drew and Henry Oliver provided much needed complimentary scoring with 4 points each. Olivier was a thief on D with 4 steals. Ryan Schuster and Leo Mooney each chipped in 2 points and 3 boards and were vital cogs splitting time at the point guard position.

Rayan Etemadnia and Rowan Booher trapped aggressively and wreaked havoc on the Whispers backcourt.

Patrick Chiang and Aidan Man were strong in the post grabbing a combined 4 boards to go with 2 steals.  

The Clovers greatly missed the Sikora brothers, Leo and Guy, aggressive D and fast break scoring –but all indicators point to a full squad for the finale against the upset minded Drifters.  Submitted by Coach Jonathan Schuster 


11/23/19 Santa Monica YMCA in action against the the 10-11 year old Culver/Palms team.
Parliaments versus the Spinners.  Photos by Louis Yansen 
Parliaments vs the Collins/Katz YMCA.  Photos by Louis Yansen 

This Week’s Profile

Each week, Swish has a profile of a coach, player, or someone in the program who inspires all of us involved in Santa Monica YMCA basketball.  

This week’s profile is of fellow Santa Monica YMCA employee Mark Brooks, where he can be found behind the front desk counter, always eager to greet and help members and anyone interested in joining the YMCA.  Mark reminds me of my first job when moving to California over 30 years ago, which was the front desk of the Pasadena YMCA. So, I understand what he and other fellow employees go through when working the front desk.  Mark has always been supportive of myself and the youth basketball program. We often talk about our life experiences and stories of what we have been through and learned. I asked him a few questions for Swish.

DocDrew:  What do you enjoy about being a part of the Santa Monica family YMCA?

Mark:  I relish my private time; however, I enjoy and get energized interacting with people.

With all of the issues and states of affairs in the world, I consider myself micro-political. The best way I can effect change in the world is by being joyful, aware, & teaching by example, present while engaging every person in the moment we encounter each other.

What I do at the YMCA is member services– attend to the needs of members, guests and prospective members. What I am about is making each person’s day better: genuinely connecting, determining their needs, letting them know they are seen, valued and listened to.

The staff at the Y is a family, supporting and caring about each other. We are united with the purpose of helping the community, each member’s life be healthy, and nurturing the care and growth of the youth.

DocDrew:  What do you like or enjoy about the youth basketball program at the Santa Monica family YMCA?

Mark:  My two main sports I participated in were baseball and basketball. I was fortunate enough to spend one on one time with Willie Mays, Hank Aaron, Reggie Jackson.

As for basketball, my friends and I would jump the fence after school to play basketball until it got dark. I am still friends with those schoolmates today.

Before Jack Nicholson had his half court seats, Frank Sinatra did. Because of my family’s position in the entertainment industry, I once got to use them for the NBA championship between the Lakers and Celtics.  Looking up at Wilt Chamberlain, Elgin Baylor, Jerry West, BillRussell, John Havlicek and the two Jones’. Sitting next to me was Dr. Robert Kerlan, team doctor for the Lakers. Between him and one of the referees, conversations were interesting and funny.

As for the SMFYMCA youth basketball league: I think it is a great outlet for the kids to move, be athletic to the best of their abilities. This is a time were connecting and communicating are being eclipsed by electronics, self encapsulation and greater presence of virtual reality. The players on the team are, for at least a bit, not texting, tweeting, rewarding their brains . The youth get to practice and develop skills– the basics of mastery applicable in any goal. They learn boundaries, rules that are to be adhered to or there are consequences. They learn to participate in and celebrate as a team. The focus at our Y is not on the winning, but on enjoying the game and journey. Every child is a winner. Plus, there is a bringing together of the family and celebrating and enjoying themselves. This at a time when family dinner has become the exception to the rule.  This also provides a haven for youth to turn to, rather than unhealthy activities on the street.

DocDrew:  What is your hope or aspirations for the future of this generation of youth?

Mark:  To have the ability, confidence to simply be their authentic, true self. To know that being oneself and what brings them happiness and doing what they enjoy is true success. To understand that each life is precious, that all animals are kindred spirits deserving respect and dignity. To be able to feel and identify each emotion and need, and to learn to communicate them with others. This is a skill not taught in school. That life is precious, this planet is fragile and unique, and that they be better caretakers

My background has been an attorney, working in several areas of law. I reached a crossroads and decided to give up what I was good at and making money, to being adventurous and true to myself and skills, passion. I went into the fine art world, then health spas. I moved to Paris and became a music tour manager, then traveled and did photography– in hindsight, following my family DNA in both .

I often seek wisdom from Mark, and he is always one to give me solid advice, along with great support for myself and the youth basketball program.  When all is said and done, it’s really a team effort, and I’m not one to do it alone, so I’m glad to have a fellow employee and friend, Mark, to help guide me through and be part of the team that is the Santa Monica Family YMCA.  Thanks Mark!

Venice Beach Pie Giveaway 

Dominic Drew, Ryan Chambers, and Pete Arnogast at the 13th annual Venice Beach Pie Giveaway that Pete and his wife Jenny along with their friends host every year around Thanksgiving to give pies to any passerby on the Venice boardwalk.  Photos by Tom Chambers.

Lakers game on 12/1/19

Special thanks to the Los Angeles Jeanie Buss for giving us tickets to the Lakers game on 12/1/19.  More thanks to Kiesha Nix and Alison Darnell of the Lakers Youth Foundation for letting Bella Kariger and Dominic Drew be in the High Five Club to give the Laker players high fives as they entered the court.

Bella Kariger and Dominic Drew in first row on the left.
Bella and Dominic outside Staples Center
The Lakers Alex Caruso makes sure to give fives to Dominic Drew and Bella Kariger
Bella and Dominic made it on the big screen
DocDrew, Apolonia Drew, Dominic Drew, and Bella Kariger enjoying the Lakers game
The Dodgers Cody Bellinger and Kenley Jansen in first row on left, and basketball legend Dirk Nowitzki on right in the first row
Bella and Dominic got to sit on the Lakers bench


SAT    11/16/19


Bluesbreakers 6, Animals 2


Yardbirds 16, Rascals 8


U8 Culver/Palms YMCA 8, Santa Monica YMCA 12


Express 32,  Platters 16


Miracles 56, Commodores 44


Cars 16, Revolution 11

SUN    11/17/19


Bluesbreakers    12, Turtles 7

Yardbirds 18, Zombies 4


Spinners 48, Parliaments 21

Wonders 44, Temptations 42


Collins/Katz YMCA 40, Godfathers 35

SaMo YMCA Gold 45, Collins/Katz with SaMo YMCA White 44

Culver Middle School(Culver-Palms YMCA Fall League)

SAT    11/16/19

Culver/Palms YMCA 8-9 division 7, Santa Monica YMCA 37

Culver/Palms YMCA 10-11 division 14, Santa Monica YMCA 17


SAT    11/23/19


Cars 13, Heartbreakers 12


Revolution 19, Beat 10


Pretenders 15, Runaways 7


Police 16, Bosses 17



Coasters 17, Express 21


Platters 32, Delfonics 27



Parliaments 48, Collins/Katz 22


Temptations 52, Godfathers 32


SUN    11/24/19


Turtles 30, Zombies 8


Animals 18, Rascals 6 



Runaways 15, Police 9



Clovers 28, Whispers 20


Impressions 21, Drifters 34



Commodores 67, Miracles 51


Wonders 27, Spinners 32


Culver Middle School(Culver-Palms YMCA Fall League)

SAT    11/23/19

6-7 division 14, Santa Monica YMCA 2

8-9 division 13, Santa Monica YMCA 16

10-11 division 21, Santa Monica YMCA 37


Teams are awarded 5 points for a win, 3 points for a tie, 1 point for a loss, 0 points for a forfeit.  Tournament games have greater point value. Teams are listed in their place in the standings with W-L-T and team points.


Bluesbreakers 6-2-0, 33 points *Bluesbreakers beat Yardbirds head to head twice

Yardbirds 6-2-0, 33 points 

Animals 5-4-0, 31 points

Turtles 5-4-0, 29 points 

Zombies 3-6-0, 21 points

Rascals 1-8-0, 15 points 

Cars 5-2-1, 31 points *Cars beat Revolution head to head

Revolution 5-2-1, 31 points

Pretenders 5-3-0, 28 points

Beat 4-3-1, 26 points (-1 for UTF) 

Heartbreakers 3-3-2, 25 points

Bosses 4-4-0, 24 points

Police 3-6-0, 21 points 

Runaways 1-7-1, 15 points

Clovers 8-0-0, 41 points

Impressions 6-2-0, 34 points

Drifters 5-3-0, 29 points 

Whispers 4-4-0, 25 points

Platters 3-5-0, 20 points*Platters beat Coasters head to head

Coasters 3-5-0, 20 points

Express 2-6-0, 16 points

Delfonics 1-7-0, 12 points 


Commodores 7-1-0, 37 points

Spinners 6-2-0, 33 points

Wonders 5-3-0, 29 points 

Miracles 4-4-0, 25 points 

Parliaments 4-4-0, 24 points 

Temptations 4-4-0, 23 points (-1 for UTF)

Godfathers 2-6-0, 16 points

Supremes 0-6-0, 6 points

Upcoming schedule
All games are played in the gymnasium of the Santa Monica YMCA
R=Rookies, B=Bantams, MN=Minors, MJ=Majors

SAT 12/7/19

    10:30 AM            HOLIDAY PARTY IN GYM

    11:40 AM            HOLIDAY PARTY IN GYM

    12:50 PM            HOLIDAY PARTY IN GYM

144    2:00 PM    B    Beat vs Heartbreakers 


145    3:10 PM    MN    Coasters vs Delfonics 


146    4:20 PM    MN    Impressions vs Whispers


147    5:30 PM    MJ    Collins/Katz vs Godfathers 


148    6:40 PM    MJ    Wonders vs Miracles



150    11:40 AM    R     Bluesbreakers vs Yardbirds


151    12:50 PM    B     Pretenders vs Bosses


152    2:00 PM    B     Cars vs Revolution


153    3:10 PM    MN  Platters vs Express


154    4:20 PM    MN  Clovers vs Drifters


155    5:30 PM    MJ   Parliaments vs Temptations 


156    6:40 PM    MJ   Commodores vs Spinners


MON    12/9/19   

IF NEEDED 5:30 PM  MN Clovers vs ALL-STARS

Only if Clovers remain unbeaten 

TUES    12/10/19

158    5:00 PM    R    PLAYERS        PARENTS

159    6:15 PM    B    PLAYERS        PARENTS

Thank you very much, 

Dr. Paul Drew, youth basketball coordinator at the Santa Monica YMCA,  editor and publisher of Swish

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