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Best Places For The Perfect Girl’s Getaway

Finally, some girl’s time! It is much needed. You can talk about celebrity gossip and  the newest fashion trends all while sipping your vodka soda with the gals! Planning a trip to get all the girl’s together can be difficult. Between everyone’s work schedules and private life– it feels impossible to plan something. Usually, the most important part is finding the location of the trip and deciding what to do can be the hardest. Once you have this planned out, your friends will be sure to hop on board right away. If you are the planner of the group, look no further than this article for some great girls getaway ideas. 

Let’s Go To Miami

From the Florida sun, to the tropical vibes– Miami is the answer! You and your girls can enjoy the beaches and the dance floor without skipping a beat. Are you looking for a bronze tan and relaxing time in the sun? Miami is your best bet for this combo. Miami is known for it’s cool culture and art scene.There is amazing music and something new on every corner. Miami also has a huge latin american presence, so you will get some spanish speakers there. Aside from the culture, you have the beach and unique boutiques. During the summer, the sun is shining bright and the water is bright blue and nice. 

National Parks 

If your girlfriends enjoy nature and the outdoors, then national park trips are perfect for a getaway. If you offer to drive your electric vehicle, don’t forget to power up beforehand with your electric car charger! Some great national parks include Yosemite National Park, Zion National Park, and YellowStone National Park. One of the greatest things about a road trip, is you can hit a lot of additional stops on the way. For example, if you are traveling toward Zion National Park from California you can stop at the sand dunes or another national park that interests you, such as the one in Arizona. The road trip will feel shorter than you imagine, because you can blast your favorite songs with your besties and share snacks. Once you get to the national park, you will be able to soak up the fresh air and unwind in nature. 

Head To Tulum, Mexico

If you’re open to leaving the US, Mexico is an excellent option. Tulum specifically because you can cater to the friends who want to be doing yoga, eating vegan, and relaxing on the beach and also those who prefer to dance all night through the jungle. Best part is, although you’re leaving the country, it is relatively cheap to travel to Tulum–especially when you get there. As long as you’re open to not staying right on the beach, you can find pretty cheap hotels. One of the most amazing things about Tulum is the mayan ruins and beautiful history you can find there. You will not miss out if you decide to pick Mexico for your next girl’s trip.

Palm Springs 

Palm Springs, which is located in Southern California is a fun desert town filled with golf courses and pools. It is a bit sleepy compared to Miami but you can still have fun yet get that essential R&R. You and your girlfriends will be sure to get that much needed relaxation and sun by the pool. If you’re up for it you can check out some water parks or golf courses. In Palm Springs, consider renting a house instead of a hotel so you can have your privacy and bring your fun pool floaties. 

Music Festivals

Music festivals are all over the world! If you love to dance and enjoy live music, why not head to a music festival for the weekend. Depending on the music genre you prefer, there are some festivals that incorporate all genres and others that are more specific. You and your best friends can plan your festival outfits and go shopping together. This extends your getaway because you are looking forward to it so much more because you get to post those insta-worthy festival pictures! Wherever you live, research the festivals and live music in your area. Soon enough, you’ll be dancing away any stress with your gals by your side!  

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